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Como wall system


Adj Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Minimalist, Scandinavian or Industrial? How about all three and more? If this is your storage match, you love the unapologetic freedom in its design – confidence in color and arrangement – and the way it’s all seamlessly combined.

You enjoy learning – adding to your ever-growing palette of styles and influences. And you revel in the satisfaction of going your own way. Like one famous Spanish painter once said:

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

The Eclectic storage match came courtesy of six Como bookcases. This unit, designed by Morten Georgsen, is available in three timeless colors and can be hung in either vertical or horizontal orientations. It’s just one design from our vast Como range, offering wall-mounted storage solutions, from expansive wall systems to small metal shelves. The featured bookcase comes with a cable cut-out and requires no assembly. Simply unpack, hang and enjoy.

Take a closer look


Dark Como wall system and grey Fusion recliner with purple rug and cushion

As you would imagine, by its definition, there are a few interpretations of an eclectic look. Here, we translated eclecticism into a mood-rich marriage of color and expressive accessories.


Sometimes, silence can speak volumes. And the same could be said for the space we left in our bookcase. You don’t have to fill your storage solution. Add some drama, and put more emphasis on your carefully selected collectibles, by confining them to a few compartments instead.


Give your space a chic expression by accessorising with reflective and translucent surfaces, like mirrors, brass and colored glass. Working with these materials will also help to bounce light around a dimly lit room.


A colorful theme needn’t mean bubble gum hues. Work with an on-trend palette of soft pinks and other subtle tones. Assign a different shade to each wall, and finish with a contrast floor. Then create cohesion by dispersing those hues around the room – like how the green of the floor is lifted into the hanging art mobile. Or how the earthy tone of our main wall is echoed in the Stockholm table lamp.


Scandi office inspiration
    Let every room have at least one piece that is a storyteller. A piece of ceramics that used to stand proudly in your grandmother’s lounge. An antique map of the country you backpacked across in your gap year. Surrounding yourself with pieces that form a timeline of your life will add authentically personal touches and start conversations.
    At first glance, colors seem definitive – universally accepted truths. They’re not. Let’s face it, you have no way of verifying whether you and your friend see the exact same shade of dusty pink. And the emotions you both experience when viewing that color aren’t identical either. Color, and our relationship to it, is deeply personal. Try new tones, and create a symphony of mood, composed for you.
    Feeding elements of surprise into your design will add that wow-factor and help build a room that is a celebration of your unique style. A storage solution filled with synchronized clocks. A wall art installation made from plastic colored tubing (see our Instagram feed circa July 2017.) Anything’s possible, but remember harmony and don’t create too many focal points. Your pieces shouldn’t fight for attention but complement each other.
    Depart from the crowd and find uniqueness in unexpected pairings. Place glossy surfaces beside matt counterparts or hang an ornate pendant lamp above a minimal table. The subtlety in these tricks can often go unnoticed, but in combination, add a refined touch to your home.
    Question convention and tailor details to fit the unique ways you interact with your space. You often pause on your large staircase landing, enjoying the golden afternoon light. Then change the script by installing a comfy living chair. You’re an avid collector of cook books and magazines, but hate having to walk to and from the lounge to find recipes. So, hang a wall-mounted bookcase in the kitchen and build your own culinary reference library.