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Home office design ideas for the perfect workspace

Whether you have been using a home office for a while or are new to working from home, you are probably familiar with the pros and cons of the gig. I mean, where else do you get a thirty second commute while wearing pyjama pants? But did you know that your home office design affects not just the look of your workspace, but your efficiency and productivity as well? Luckily, creating the perfect home office is a breeze with our inspirational guide.

Once your new office is ready, you won’t know how you ever worked anywhere else!

The magic mantra:

“Form follows function.”

These three simple words have the power to put any home design project on the right track, but they especially ring true when it comes to creating the perfect home office design. It was a philosophy of the famous architect Louis Sullivan and it roughly means that if you design with function in mind, the rest of the design will follow.

Decorating your home office

The idea of getting a home office makeover can be invigorating, but those design decisions, well, those are another story. There’s no need to fret though. By breaking your design decisions into smaller pieces, you can have the perfect workspace in no time!

Sophisticated home office with the Kingston office desk and Calgary storage

Find your function

What will you be doing? Do you do a lot of work that could benefit from extra desk space? Or maybe you could use an extra boost of creativity? Your desk and surroundings should feed into your productivity—especially when it comes to tasks you do frequently. Will clients be visiting? If yes, you should not only consider your own comfort, but theirs as well. What amenities can be setup to make your clients feel welcome and at ease? This can be as straightforward as investing in some ultra-comfy home office chairs or something a bit outside-the-box, like creating a small coffee bar in an unused corner.

Home office furniture

The foundation of a good design boils down to home office furniture that is both stylish and functional.

A simple secret

The perfect home office is only an inch away… or three? Maybe two. Try to keep the guessing to a minimum when it comes to measurements. A properly measured room will not only ensure that all the furniture fits, but it can also lead to better flow, maximum function, and a more professional look. Remember: No matter how amazingly stylish a piece of furniture is—or accessory for that matter—if it doesn’t fit, it will look out of place and detract from the overall design.

Material matters

Office spaces often fall victim to a cold and sterile look thanks to bland colors, an abundance or electrical equipment, impersonal decor, or all of the above. Make sure your home office doesn’t follow suit, by choosing materials that have a warmer esthetic. An easy way to cultivate a cozier vibe is by choosing furniture in natural materials, like wood and leather. Prefer metal or glass? Their easy-clean surfaces are fantastic, but consider offsetting the more manufactured look with a couple of wood accent pieces or a few potted plants.

Ergonomically correct

Your comfort and health should be high priorities when it comes to designing your home office. Ergonomic home office furniture will help you enjoy your new space that much more, while simultaneously protecting your health. What does that mean? Choosing a desk and home office chairs that are the right height, encourage correct posture, and keep your body in proper alignment. Often these pieces will be clearly labelled “ergonomic”, as it is a big selling feature.

The right light

Not only should you have adequate lighting to ward off eye strain, but multiple light sources are also a great idea. Invest in a good desk lamp or task lamp as secondary lighting. Studies show that these can help you focus on the project at hand, plus adjustable lamps are ideal for directing light to where it is needed. Pro Tip: Natural light has been shown to boost productivity, so open those curtains! For those moments when nature’s rays aren’t available you can also buy lightbulbs that give off a similar glow.

Cozy office corner with the Demand table lamp

A little privacy, please!

Your home office should feel like part of your home since it is an extension of your personal style, but you also want it to be a place with minimal distractions. Luckily, there are multiple easy ways to tune out that pile of dishes or blaring TV and get you the privacy that you and your workflow need.

French doors can block out noise while maintaining an airy aesthetic. Especially ideal for small offices that want privacy without a claustrophobic vibe. Curtains can be great to prevent outside distractions from windows, but spaces that aren’t naturally separated can benefit from a few flowy panels as well. It’s a simple solution that comes in an unlimited amount of colours and styles.

Folding room dividers are easily movable separations that can offer privacy, versatility, style and be tucked away if need be. Great for home offices directly in the flow of home life.

Creative home office storage solutions

Organization is critical to creating the perfect home office. By keeping your office organized and clutter-free, you increase your efficiency and reap the style benefits as well. Desks with drawers and filing cabinets are fantastic organization tools, but there are other stylish and creative solutions you might want to consider.


While most people typically only use a chest of drawers in the bedroom, they are missing out on the storage capacity and style that a dresser can bring to a home office. They offer tons of drawers, tabletop space and are available in an array of styles.


Add a few stylish boxes or baskets to shelving or a multilevel console table. Not only is this option highly customizable in color and style, but the smaller bins are perfect to tote directly to your desk when needed.

Wall space

Don’t forget about wall space. Think beyond just hanging photos and art and go for a large chalk board for brainstorming, a mountable schedule, or even a big bulletin board to keep paper clutter off your desk.

Colour confident

The colour that you paint your home office will help determine the vibe of the room, but did you know that it can also make you more creative and productive? Blues, greens, and yellows happen to be powerhouses when it comes to encouraging these positive effects. Love neutrals? Try a light grey or white—they are highly versatile shades that have a very fresh feel. You don’t need to stick to any specific shade. If pink makes you feel ultra-confident or purple makes you feel energetic, go for it! Remember: While trends are fun, and advice is great, you ultimately know what is best for you and your home office.

The perfect home office desk

While it can be overwhelming to realize how many home office desks are on the market, once you understand what you are looking for, finding the right one will be a piece of cake. You should consider not just whether the desk fits into your office, but also whether it provides enough space to put everything you need and comfortably work on projects. Once you’ve determined what space you need, think about what other features you would benefit from.


This home office desk is a minimal, space-conscious option with a whole lot of flair. Unlike many writing desks that offer little to no storage, its desk top is equipped with multiple storage compartments to help keep you organized.

Cupertino desk beautifully paired with the Structure rug in matching colors

The sidekick

The perfect desk means nothing without the perfect office chair. Look for a chair with a design that you love, but make sure it is a comfortable height for your desk. Bonus points if it’s ergonomic!

Woman in a knit sweater and boots sitting on an Adelaide office chair, with a cityscape background

a perfect combination.

The versatility of the Adelaide chair makes it a perfect fit for the home office. Swivel function, armrests, wheels... you decide!

The Adelaide office chair styled next to a spiral staircase
Explore the look.

Inspiring home offices

Get inspiration from home offices styled by our skilled interior designers

It’s about to get personal

A big benefit of a home office is that you can style it any way you please. No one can tell you that you can’t have that plant because of allergies or that you have too many personal photographs. The space is yours and yours only!

Go ahead and accessorise with funky patterns that energize you, that flea market find that you love, or a few mementos from your travels. Your office should be an extension of your personal style with the ultimate goal being to create a space that you actually enjoy being in.