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Any style as long as it’s yours

Every color tells a story. Colors are personal expressions that affect us emotionally and psychologically. That’s why infusing your home with the right colors allows you to tell your personal story while creating a space that soothes your senses and enables your lifestyle. Below, we go through some of the considerations when picking colors, while also showing you examples of how others have used colors to elicit their personality.


Read on for 5 things to be mindful of when choosing your color expressions.

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Colors are highly dependable on their context. The way we perceive a color depends on the interplay with other colors and shapes. Think about where your furniture is placed and what other forms, colors, and light surround it.


How to pick the right material

Color evolution

Our perception of color can change based on different inputs and trends. That doesn’t mean that you have to worry about picking a wrong color. You can take charge and evolve your expressions. Bring new colors together, add a colorful accessory, change the wall color and create new, contemporary looks.

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Your furniture

If your chosen design is already full of character, adding a bold color should be done with care. A more neutral color could instead let the design speak for itself, though that doesn’t mean you can’t emphasize bold designs with daring colors. In the same way, a design with classic lines can get an infusion of power with an interesting color and material choice.

How to get the WOW factor right



Some colors and materials simply go together. Black leather, gray felt, and the rich, brown walnut. The material is important as it affects the way the color is projected. The shine of velvet and chenille fabrics lets the colors have a life of their own, while more classic fabric choices present a more subtle color expression. In our stores, large material, fabric, and leather samples let you discover the interplay of color and texture.

How to pick between leather and fabric

Design Consultants
Design Consultants

Our own limitations

It’s a hard truth, but sometimes we can get in our own way: falling in love with a color only to then later realize that it was simply a phase or that it doesn’t fit the décor and lifestyle. That’s why we always encourage you to run your ideas by a professional Design Consultant to get their input on color, material, and styling.

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Living room with camel sofa and chairs

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Almost all our furniture designs can be customized in your personal color and size. We’ll walk you through how you can get started in creating your personal furniture on our website.

How to customize
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Start small

Infusing your space with personality doesn’t have to involve a large makeover. The right accessories, cushions, art, and mementoes can tell your story and transform a room.

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