A colourful living space featuring the Salamanca sofa and the Madrid coffee table.

Garantia da estrutura de sofá

10-year warranty on sofa frames

In BoConcept, we create designs in a long-lasting quality, crafted with strong and forward-thinking materials. That is why, we on sofa frames take a step further and offer a 10-year warranty against production and construction defects. The warranty covers products purchased after 1 January 2024.

The warranty covers material and workmanship defects on sofa frames, ensuring that defects are corrected, or the product is replaced within the warranty period. You must be able to document where and when the product was purchased or delivered, by presenting a receipt. You may also be asked to present relevant documentation of the defect in the form of photographs or similar, or to return the product for further investigation of the defect.

What is not covered by the warranty?

General wear and tear, cut marks, scratches or other damages caused by improper use, accidents, knocks or external damage and discolouration caused by improper handling. Damage and discolouration caused by lack of or incorrect care/maintenance in accordance with BoConcept care instructions. Products that have been stored, mounted or used improperly, misused or altered, and products that have been exposed to high temperature fluctuations, placed in direct sunlight, or in an environment for which the product is not suitable, for example outdoors or in a damp environment such as a bathroom.

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