Small living in Tokyo

When Mitsuya Nakata was looking for a new apartment, location was everything. When you want to live centrally in Tokyo, space often has to be the compromise.

A small apartment close to his work and with easy access to great shopping, restaurants and the sea is now his new home from where he can also enjoy the view of Tokyo's tall buildings. Even though his space is small, he has achieved plenty of seating space for his guests with functional pieces of furniture and a beautiful corner sofa. 

Reading books

One of many hobbies

Mr Nakata is no stranger to BoConcept as he already had some older furniture from BoConcept. He likes that you can add newer furniture to the older collections. They still make a great fit - because it is a concept.

Another impressive aspect is that Nataka has the collection of BoConcept catalogues through the past 12 years. Truly a loyal customer!

A true fan of BoConcept

12 years of catalogues!

Mitsuya Nakata

Jogging every morning

Making room for hobbies

Mitsuya plays the cello

Mitsuya makes his own green tea

Appreciating Japanese culture

Meet the interior designer

Atsuko Katsuyama

Atsuko is the talented interior designer behind this functional and personal bachelor pad. She visited Mr Nakata in his home to get a good sense of his existing style and preferences. She quickly found that he needed highly functional pieces of furniture like the Chiva coffee table which combines a table with storage.

Seeing the end result and a happy customer is what motivates Atsuko.

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Inspiring each other

Finding the perfect match