Design Icon no. 7

The Cupertino desk

To be a BoConcept Design Icon means being a quintessential piece of furniture. It's the perfect example of our decades-long commitment to design, quality and functionality. A global bestseller tested by you.

Why is Cupertino a BoConcept Design Icon? Because it's an amazing piece of work. Because it's as functional as it's beautiful. Because it innovatively combines workspace, storage and sound in a perfect home office solution. That's why!

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Designer of the Cupertino desk


Designer ARDE combines a Master Degree in Architecture with many years of experience within the furniture industry. With professional know-how and a strong passion to move boundaries in the use of materials, new technology and manufacturing processes, ARDE creates designs that are not only beautiful but provide maximum value for the user. The Cupertino desk is a perfect example of this.

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