BoConcept x Greystar

Greystar partners with BoConcept for New Be Casa Essential Project in Madrid

BoConcept takes their services to the next level

A recent Build-To-Rent project in the capital of Spain has enabled Danish BoConcept to play to their strength.

Figures from studies carried out around the world, especially in markets like the US and the UK, show that build-to-rent homes (BTR) are among the strongest and fastest-growing real-estate sectors. There is a need and a wish from people, in particularly from the Millennial generation, to live in new-built homes while avoiding the financial bonds and responsibilities of owning the place. In a built-to-rent home the tenant gets a chance to live in an impeccable space, taken care of by an experienced management company; a living environment which provides convenience and safety. One of the largest companies to offer these types of homes is Greystar, a global leader in investment, development and management of rental housing properties. With their portfolio of various brands, serving different needs, Greystar proposes tenants across locations in the US, South America and Europe low-maintenance quality homes.

Greystar partners with BoConcept for New Be Casa Essential Project in Madrid

Be Casa Essential is Greystar’s newest brand, set up in Spain to accommodate rental housing for thousands. Entering a new market offered the opportunity to initiate and build up new business relations and partnerships. After a few online meetings with the BoConcept headquarters in Denmark and a proper face-to-face conversation in Madrid, the two companies decided to give it a try with a new Be Casa Essential project in Madrid. ‘For BoConcept, there is obviously a great potential in partnering up with Greystar’, says Johan Daugaard Dreyer, Global B2B Tender and Pricing Specialist at BoConcept Denmark, ‘Their sheer size, at present managing more than 857.000 multifamily units and student beds globally, combined with their continuous developments and investments into new markets, make them an exciting new partner for us. At BoConcept we have worked with Build-to-rent schemes for a while and we hold a strong experience in handling numerous residential settings at the same time.’

For the project in Madrid, both the headquarters in Denmark and the local franchise in Spain were involved throughout the entire process, explains Maximilliano Ovalle, Commercial Director at BoConcept Spain: ‘I think this project has been the perfect challenge because it gave us the opportunity to work not only as a local team but as a global brand. We really worked as a unity which was a great thing to show the client. My role here has been to connect the vision and strategy from Denmark and be able to transmit and implement it on a local level.’ At the outset of the project, BoConcept received a clear brief including two important points: firstly, launching their new brand, Be Casa Essential, Greystar wanted to communicate a specific lifestyle in terms of design and aesthetics; secondly, Greystar needed a partner who could manage and carry out everything, from proposing a selection of furniture, designing the interior layout to installing every piece of interior, including even the TVs, curtains and pots and pans.

Functionality and Aesthetics: BoConcept's Approach to the Furniture Selection

Global B2B manager at BoConcept, Alessio Maiolino, was brought into the process to oversee the collaboration and make sure that the client was presented with an intriguing selection of furniture from the BoConcept collection. ‘When designing a mood board for a furniture package or multiple design solutions I need to consider, how can I best match our assortment? We need to pick the best furniture to answer the quality, materials and trend expressions required in the specific project. You will find that all the furniture pieces actually answer to a function. They are not just aesthetically pleasing but there is a function behind which justifies the design itself,’ explains Maiolino.

Greystar Spain's Endorsement: BoConcept's contribution to Real Estate Brand Enhancement

BoConcept reaches a global market thanks to the large number of local franchisees. For projects the size and shape like the recent one in Madrid, dialogue and close alignment between the Danish headquarters and the Spanish franchise partner have been key to ensure a smooth service and precise procedure. ‘BoConcept has been an excellent delivery partner, not only delivering us flats that looked great and conveyed the brand that we wanted to convey to the market. Each one of their projects, even when pushed against tight deadlines, came in on time and under budget’, says John Grubb, Asset Manager at Greystar Spain, ‘The apartments that BoConcept furnished absolutely exceeded our expectations in every way, shape or form. The style that they were able to convey in such small units across our portfolio really helped us convey that feeling of warm homeyness that we wanted to give out to our prospective clients. I would recommend BoConcept to any owner and operator of real-estate who is looking to reimagine their brand and bring it to the next level.’

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