How to create your hygge home office with BoConcept

Decades of insight into customers’ homes has given BoConcept the expertise to advise on how to plan and decorate contemporary interiors, for living as well as for working

Brand story by Sisse Bro | Herning, Denmark | 28.02.22

The now popularised Danish word and concept, ‘hygge’, has travelled all around the world in recent years, intriguing journalists, bloggers and foodies etc. as they attempt to understand and pinpoint exactly what this term stands for. The conclusion sounds something like this: warm, candlelit interiors with good food at hand, sweets and soothing drinks, on your own or in the casual company of friends and family. Yet, what also lies beneath this setting of cosy comfort is a more profound consciousness about simply creating an atmosphere that makes you feel good, an acknowledgement of the fact that our well-being and state of mind is affected by the energy and effort we put into our close surroundings.

Valuable insights into home environments

Danish furniture manufacturer, BoConcept, has been producing interiors for the home since 1952. Back in the 1950s, the Danish furniture industry was blossoming, furnishing Danish homes as well as foreign ones with the build-up of strong export channels all over the world. When the demand for Scandinavia's simple and functional wooden chairs and tables started cooling down again in the late 1960s, only the manufacturers who understood how to follow the market and understand its new demands and tendencies were able to continue to trade. With its 70 years of experience and close contact with its end-consumers, BoConcept holds valuable insights into what is desired and what is needed in home environments.

Minimalist interior with the Cupertino desk, Adelaide chair, table lamp, stool, oval rug, and wall art.

From experience, BoConcept know that it takes constant research and development – not to mention, listening – to understand what consumers need and which kinds of environments make people feel good During the last two years of worldwide pandemic, across countries and cultures, one specific trend has grown bigger than most: the home office, and more specifically, how to install and set one up which blends into an atmosphere of calm and comfort, which forms the basis of a home. Alessio Maiolino, Commercial Design Manager at BoConcept, works with high-volume residential and commercial projects daily; a pro when it comes to grasping how to combine comfort and functionality.

Cupertino desk beautifully paired with the Structure rug in matching colors

How to set up your home office

‘There are several challenges involved in working from home and therefore it’s important to find the best spot within your home to set up the office. Being able to work without distractions, so that you’re able to focus and be productive is key, ideally close to natural light and away from unnecessary noise. On the other hand, when work is done, you’ll need to be able to unplug and not be reminded about emails and other tasks; multifunctional furniture can be of great help in storing away laptops and papers, for example. Working from home takes discipline and therefore it’s smart to install objects that help shape our good habits.’

Stylish home office with a dark wood desk, tan chair, and copper lamp near concrete stairs.

'Working from home takes discipline and therefore it’s smart to install objects that help shape our good habits’

Maiolino points out the great benefits of working from home; like the possibilities it offers for a better work-life balance and the short, stress-free commute. In addition, you get the chance to completely customise an office which fits your individual style and needs. ‘I would suggest finding a solution that revolves around you, your inner style, your sense of comfort and quality; let the space render an appealing and welcoming feeling, the same one we always aspire to find each day coming back home after a long day outside. Design your home-office “sweet spot”, choose timeless pieces, pick finishes to match the rest of the furniture. If you're in a separate room, even better! ‘Unleash your personal style from scratch, whether that fits with a bright Scandinavian setting consisting of white and light wood accents or more dramatic, masculine, dark oak and smokey tones. Think about which technical equipment you are going to need and seek out smart furniture that provides functionality and aesthetic benefits. Then, accessorise it with items that bring you joy and give even more character, a piece of art and beautiful, vibrant plants.’

Modern white desk with plants, red apple sculpture, wooden objects, and a beige chair.

Comfort plus functionality

And contrary to the 1950s, today BoConcept not only fits out homes, but also offices, hotels, institutions, literally every corner of the hospitality sector. From experience, the company knows that it takes constant research and development – not to mention, listening – to understand what consumers need and which kinds of environments make people feel good; to find that intersection where both comfort and functionality are attendant.

Taylor sofa with the cupertino desk and the Adelaide chair in a small room.

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