Din indkøbskurv er tom

The Concept


The BoConcept story started back in 1952 when two gifted Danish craftsmen opened a furniture factory in Herning, Denmark, aiming to produce high quality furniture, with a great design and functionality at affordable prices. They succeeded and today BoConcept is a truly global brand.

BoConcept offers a proved and attractive concept with great benefits for our franchise partners

Brand and products

BoConcept is a brand with outstanding reputation and is globally renowned for its design style and quality at fair prices, priced in the market sweet spot as “Affordable Luxury”.

Rooted in Scandinavian design principles, a truly global trend that generates demand, BoConcept offers furniture and accessories to the cosmopolitan-minded customer.

By collaborating with world renowned designers, BoConcept ensures to offer the best collection and products every year, continuously cultivating brand credibility and integrity.

BoConcept offers world-class customer service and consultancy expertise, having created an approachable, fashionable, trusted and 100% customer focused brand.

Rome furniture outdoor
Woman reading a book in grey Fusion chair


BoConcept offers a personalized and comprehensive in-home or store “Interior Design service”, to help our customers create their personal, modern and sophisticated homes and living spaces.

This service is not only fantastic for BoConcept customers, it is also a great upselling tool for our Franchise Partners.

Black Imola chair and footstol next to large window


BoConcept has a highly customizable product collection, offering the customers many available options to customize and design their furniture and accessories according to their personal tastes, needs and dreams; its collection focus on multi-functional furniture for a “smart living”; its fully coordinated design ensures a consistent look throughout the home.

These great customization possibilities create further design input from the customer, resulting in a positive, inclusive experience – a powerful selling tool for our Franchise Partners.

Orange Ottawa furniture in hallway


BoConcept is investing strongly in the development of new products and furniture options for the Contract area (B2B), covering Residential, Office and Hospitality.

This growing B2B sales channel is another very promising extra revenue business area for the Franchise Partners.

Blue Imola chair and footstool next to indoor stove


The majority of our furniture is supplied directly from our factories cutting out the cost of a third party. Our furniture is designed along clean, simple lines and manufactured with carefully selected materials to ensure the best quality at affordable prices.

Man maintaining leather

One stop shopping – one stop shipping

No matter if the products are produced by a third-party supplier or us, we coordinate everything and the products are sent as one order to a BoConcept store. BoConcept is working with cross docking, where all goods in one order are delivered in one unit. This unique supply chain system makes the process more efficient and less time consuming.


All BoConcept Brand Stores are usually situated at high traffic areas or in easy-to-reach central locations.

To ensure the value of the BoConcept brand, our stores have a great store front, with strong visual effects that attract customers to the store, and the inside consists of multiple must-have areas to secure that the store communicates to the costumer in the most effective way.

BoConcept stores are fitted with an on-site workshop, where Franchise Partners can walk customers through all the different customization options, assisting them to better visualize their choices and encouraging them in their buying experience.

Inside a BoConcept store

BoConcept’s Stores | Types of Locations

Store seen from the outside

High Street

BoConcept Madison Av - NY, USA

High Street, 350-500 m2

Outside store view

Shopping centre

BoConcept Westfield - London, UK

Shopping Centre, 200-400 m2

BoConcept store seen from the outside

Retail Park

BoConcept Rouen - France

Retail Park / Out of Town, 500+ m2

Korean BoConcept store


BoConcept Harrods - London, UK

Concession store inside a Department Store, 100-300 m2

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