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Contemporary Danish furniture brand, BoConcept explores social trend, Home at the Centre, and its implications on interior design


Trend: Home at the Centre; The Multipurpose Home

Social trigger: Quarantine making the home the venue for more and more facets of everyday life

Interior design implications: Demand for multifunctional furniture; relocating small items for space efficiency and temporary room zoning: thus, the rise of mobile designs; even more demand for smart storage


In 2020, the home is a venue for nearly all facets of our everyday life. Monday morning meetings, a fitness class, learning a new skill, indulging in some self-care and growing food for the family all happen at home. BoConcept explores this trend’s implication on the way consumers furnish and use their homes.

Think multifunctional

As consumers navigate their ever-more multipurpose and smaller (due to urbanization) spaces, they see greater value in multifunctional designs. The direction has been key for BoConcept for decades, currently seen in designs like the Billund table (console table to 4-seater), Chiva coffee table (pull-up table tops), Rubi coffee table (converts to dining table) Xtra footstool (footstool to single bed).

Additionally, consumers are rethinking designs that on face value have one use. Perhaps using a footstool as an extra coffee table; sourcing fitness equipment, like yoga mats and weights, that double as accessories; or using a sculptural side table as an occasional stool for unexpected guests.

Relocate, relocate, relocate

Furniture has traditionally been assigned to a room and remained in place. However, today, in the multipurpose home, small designs are moved from room to room according to changing needs. A chair at the dining table can take on a new corporate life in a home office, while items like low storage are used to temporarily zone off areas for specific tasks.

Consumers are thus more open to mobile storage like trolleys and leaning racks. BoConcept is ideal for this new convention, as the brand’s unique value chain can guarantee the same soft and hard surfaces across the collection: e.g. the white finish on a small storage design exactly matches the finish on a bed. So, consumers can relocate designs without destroying the harmonious look of their space.

Smart storage since 1952

Consumers are seeing the value of clever, functional storage for their high-demand rooms. It is a benefit BoConcept has been espousing since its first ever production design: a dresser in rosewood. The brand has a vast customisable storage range. BoConcept also specializes in incorporating concealed storage into its other designs, including beds, benches, footstools and sofas.

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