Small corner sofa

Do you desire a brand-new corner sofa, but your available space is more limited? Make the most out of your living room with a practical and elegant small corner sofa from selected designers. We deliver modern designs, high quality and great comfort.
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  • Corner sofas - Modena corner sofa - Green - Fabric
    Green, Fabric

    From 10421.00 QAR

    As shown 15298.00 QAR

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  • Corner sofas - Carlton corner sofa - Blue - Fabric
    Blue, Fabric, Metal
    Product colors

    From 19587.00 QAR

    As shown 29820.00 QAR

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  • Corner sofas - Indivi corner sofa - Grey - Fabric
    Grey, Fabric, Oak
    Product colors

    From 10890.00 QAR

    As shown 19796.00 QAR

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