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Storage is tricky. Your grandmother’s porcelain, your collection of vintage LPs, books you’ve picked up over the years – or even your receipts and paperwork from last year – everyone’s storage needs are different. Whether you want to put it all out there or tuck it away, whether you’re decorating your first apartment or decking out your dream home, storage needs to work for you. It needs to be easy, and it needs to make you happy. The Copenhagen wall system can serve all these needs and more. As functional and flexible as it is beautiful, the Copenhagen is perfect for every kind of storage.

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Copenhagen living

We all have those things we need around, but might not want to show off: The thick blanket for winter, the indispensable chargers, that vase you got from your mother-in-law, but really don't like. And then we have the things we love to show off: The much treasured family photo, the first edition books, the oh-so-stylish vase you bought last week. Don't worry, the Copenhagen wall system is the ideal living room addition for you to show what you want and hide what you need. With clean, simple lines and endless customisation possibilities the Copenhagen can be made to fit every need and every room.

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A Copenhagen office

With every storage possibility you can imagine for your home office, the Copenhagen provides a stylish, functional and extremely flexible system. A comfortable and pleasing space is important for your work satisfaction and the multiple options with the Copenhagen wall system, will ensure you can build the perfect match for you. A desk extension in the same material and simplistic style gives a coherent look, and you will no longer feel the need to close the door to your home office when entertaining guests.

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Copenhagen dining
Versatile and functional, while never compromising on beauty and the Scandinavian style - that is Copenhagen. Embodying both strength and subtlety, the Copenhagen wall system is the perfect backdrop to both intimate family meals and lavish dinner parties.

Dine in style
With the Copenhagen wall system as backdrop, the Adelaide chairs really shine. You can match them to the colours of the Copenhagen for a tone-in-tone look and even use the same wood sort and finish for a coherent and coordinated feel.