Black Leather 2.5 seater sofas

Sprawl across your new favourite 2.5-seater sofa or cuddle up with your family and pets at the end of a long day. BoConcept 2.5-seater sofas are luxuriously comfortable while completing your living room with contemporary style.
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  • 2.5 seater sofas - Indivi sofa - Black - Leather
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    Indivi sofa

    From 48,000.00 THB

    As shown 148,700.00 THB

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  • Designer 2.5 seater sofa


    With space for 2… and a half… the 2.5-seater sofa is a luxurious addition to your living room. Relax and put your feet up or snuggle with the family. There’s room for everyone. With 2 large seats the 2.5-seater offers just the right amount of space for you without taking up masses of room in your living area.

    The collection of sofas at BoConcept are varied. Whether you love chic, sophisticated velvet softness or edgy, leather masterpieces, every 2.5-seater sofa at BoConcept is tasteful and refined. Each item is crafted carefully by designers who know that the sofa is the heart of your living room. Orbited by the suave coffee table, plush foot stool and bathed in light, the sofa needs to perfectly reflect your personality to make your house a home.

    To help you create a living area that longs to be lived in, read our guide to match designs that really sing to you and reflect the home you’ve dreamed of.
  • 2.5 seater sofas - Osaka sofa, regular seat - Black - Leather
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    Osaka sofa, regular seat

    From 54,300.00 THB

    As shown 160,000.00 THB

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  • 2.5 seater sofas - Osaka sofa, tufted seat - Black - Leather
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    Osaka sofa, tufted seat

    From 54,300.00 THB

    As shown 160,000.00 THB

    Recommended retail price
  • Designer 2 and a half seater


    The style of your sofa needs to be carefully balanced. It needs to fit in your room space, work with the existing furniture, reflect your personality, and most importantly it must invoke hygge.

    Even the most minimalistic design can offer warmth, comfort and pleasure to everyone. In the living room, you want to relax whether it’s just with your family or guests. The sofa is where everyone gravitates towards, hence its importance.

    The hygge concept is all about reflection of the soul – more than just a cosy feeling. Your living room should reflect your personal welcome to guests. Every BoConcept item in your living room is chosen with a small piece of your heart attached.

    Whether you want straight lines and crisp fabrics or gentle curves and plush cushions, hygge can still be achieved. Read this guide to creating hygge in your living room with clever lighting, layouts and textures.
  • 2.5 seater sofas - Cenova sofa - Black - Leather
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    Cenova sofa

    From 79,500.00 THB

    As shown 205,300.00 THB

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  • Icon sofa by Karim Rashid


    At the heart of BoConcept’s modern 2.5-seater sofas is individuality. We let you shape your living room to your desires, selecting a model, fabrics, colours schemes and more. Start by browsing our catalogue and go from there.

    Dark colours contrast well with white walls, while a soft nude coloured sofa can be gentle on the eyes to encourage you in. Play around with textures and lighting to see they change the feel of your living room.

    A well-placed rug, foot stool or floor lamp can turn an isolated sofa into a small haven to curl up with a book. Use BoConcept as a tool to build your living room just how you’d like it, starting with selecting a 2.5-seater sofa design.

    The biggest decision you will need to make once you’ve found a 2.5-seater sofa that you love, is whether to go for leather or fabric. This guide can help you make the choice.
  • 2.5 seater sofas - Hampton sofa with adjustable back - Black - Leather
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    Hampton sofa with adjustable back

    From 71,200.00 THB

    As shown 207,300.00 THB

    Recommended retail price