A great armchair creates an atmosphere to think, heal, learn and live – no living space is ever truly complete without one. Seamlessly blending style and comfort, we’ve got the perfect armchair for you.
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    Armchairs - Porto chair - Beige - Fabric
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    Porto chair

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    Armchairs are available in many unique designs, sizes and materials. Whether it’s for the lounge, living room or home office, the armchair invites you to sit back and pause. At BoConcept, our mission is to guide you to finding an armchair that caters to your exact needs.

    Have you decided what the material should be? What style best fits your living space? How do you want to spend your time in it? Considering how and where your armchair should function not only helps you get an idea of how your space should feel, it also helps in finding a design that goes with your lifestyle.

    Whether it’s a redesign or revamp, knowing how to plan and decorate your living room is key to breathing new life into your space. Read more on the art of living room design and discover our secrets to a perfect setup right here.
  • Armchairs - Ogi chair with swivel function - Beige - Fabric
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    Ogi chair with swivel function

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    Deciding on what type of upholstery that works for you might not be an obvious choice at first. Do you go with the sleek and timeless lure of leather or should you pick the elegant and comforting softness of fabric? The right choice is a matter of you and your home.

    Forever contemporary and never out-of-date, leather brings with it a natural sense of character and style like few others. Needing very little to maintain its looks, it remains the perfect choice for armchairs in busy and eventful lifestyles.

    With its use of texture, colour and natural hues, fabric armchairs ooze comfort and relaxation. As the proud centrepiece in your home office or as a sacred retreat in the living room, a fabric armchair is as versatile as it is beautiful.

    At BoConcept, you’ll find our many options in upholstery to help you in your search for the perfect armchair. For more on picking the right material for your space, click on the link below.
  • Armchairs - Veneto chair with swivel function - Grey - Fabric
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    Veneto chair with swivel function

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    Living small means thinking big. Tight living spaces require creative thinking when planning the home of your dreams, especially when you’re running out of space. Making room for your favourite armchair is a matter of thinking smart, and we’re here to help.

    Being clever with where you place your furniture can bring with it a lot of ideas and hidden opportunities in how you choose to style your spaces. A surplus of storage options and multi-purpose furniture is your ticket to making your armchair fit wherever.

    With the right choices and smart space management, there’s no need to compromise on the design you love – you’ll find it all at BoConcept.

    Our talented team of interior designers have put their minds together to create the ultimate guide to smart and small living. To read more on how to style your space in exciting and functional ways, click the link below.


    BoConcept designs high-quality solutions in contemporary furniture for the lifestyle of today. We partner with leading and renowned designers to create Danish furniture that meets the needs of you and your home.

    With a constant drive of matchless luxury in our furniture, we want our heritage to be more than just visual appeal. Our talented team combines style and comfort with an unrivalled attention to detail, a philosophy that has resulted in award-winning chairs and tables that last a lifetime.

    Recognised for our unique sense of form and function, BoConcept is committed to designing the best furniture possible. The outcome is designer armchairs that comfort you and upgrade your space.

    Have a specific designer in mind for your next project? Use the filter tool in the menu to quickly sort through our team. For more on their style and what motivates their design process, go behind the curtain to get a peek at how they think and work with the link below.