Grey Cotton Round rugs

Rugs can do it all. How about creating a focal point or emphasize a piece of furniture by adding a round rug underneath it? The organic lines of the rug will underline and soften the appearance while adding a harmonious expression to your interior.
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  • Round rugs - Loom rug - rectangular - Grey - Tencel
    Loom rug

    From RM 4,395.00

    As shown RM 4,395.00

    Recommended retail price
  • Round rugs - Beijing rug - round - Grey - Polyester
    Beijing rug

    From RM 2,195.00

    As shown RM 3,845.00

    Recommended retail price
  • Rugs - Furrow rug - round - Grey - Cotton
    Furrow rug

    From RM 3,295.00

    As shown RM 3,295.00

    Recommended retail price