Scandinavian Living

Slow down, be mindful and find your balance - this is what the BoConcept Living collection is all about. Honest materials and organic, simple shapes are key components in creating a warm, harmonious feeling. Giving the feeling of an urban oasis, a space for contemplation while making a family meal or creating an urban herb garden. The Living collection sets the scene.

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Display the beautiful lines

Luxurious marble, honest wood and urban concrete. The functional accessories from the Living collection are perfectly made for the kitchen area. Where you might hide your usual bowls and kitchen items, the beauty of the Living collection will make you want to display them.

The simplicity of a circle
Circular forms in diverse materials are what the Living collection is all about. Mirrors highlight the beauty of the natural materials and make entertaining guests even more stylish.

Spice it up
Use the stylish mortar to crush herbs, salt and other spices to make your own spice mix. Perfect for easily dressing up a meal and bringing a whole new taste to the table.