Christine Thorsteinsson, Collection Manager

New reflections

Mirrors and reflective objects open new dimensions and perspectives in interior design. Mirrors have been commonly used as a design tool to bring light into a room and expanding it visually, especially in small spaces.

But mirrors are no longer just wall decorations. Mirrors now infiltrate furniture and decorative accessories to create a whole other dimension and dynamic in a room. We take it a step further by creating mirror sculptures for a mirage effect.

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Another point of view
Mirrors don't have to be purely functional objects. They can be decorative and even artistic, depending on the use. This is one of the distinctive mirror trends right now. Look at things differently by placing mirrors in unconventional places.

From every angle
Mirrors are used more creatively and experimentally than before, like this Kaleidoscope sculpture with an indentation lined with mirrors. Explore all facets of a ring or change the way you look at an old piece of jewellery by placing it in the hollow of the sculpture.