Be inspired by Gerardo and Keila's

Holiday home in Miami

Gerardo and Keila Coronado live in Venezuela, but just bought a holiday get-away in Miami. The apartment is light and airy with a large balcony and a breathtaking view, and it's located nearby both the airport, the beach and down-town Miami. The couple knew BoConcept from their home town Caracas, and naturally turned to our Miami Interior Designer Michelle for help with decorating their new apartment. The result? A classic and elegant interior in perfect balance that compliments the couple's preferences, the architecture and the waterfront view.

"The result fulfilled all our expectations"

Styling is key

The furniture are classic pieces kept in clean tones. By styling them with more expressive accessories like the a rug in exclusive cowhide or a lamp in shiny copper, our Interior Designer Michelle turned an empty apartment into the Coronado's inviting and elegant holiday home.

Why ask for help?

It makes a difference

Gerardo and Keila believes that seeking an expert's counsil is important. In everything that you do. "Even if you have a lot of knowledge, the help of a professional will always make the difference. You often have a preference or an intuition, but an expert can tell you if it will work or not," says Gerardo.

Are you in a situation like the Coronados and need someone to bounce your ideas off? Our interior designers are at hand to help you with any scheme, big or small. When you book an interior designer, you'll first set up a meeting in the store. At this meeting, you'll make a plan together with the interior designer and experience the furniture and accessories first hand. A few days later, your interior designer will come to you to show a complete 3D presentation of the suggested changes. The 3D graphics are highly detailed, so you can see exactly how the final result will look like in your home - before you buy. Furniture is a big investment. It's important for us that you get it right!

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Choosing just the right material

Meet the interior designer

Michelle Mota

"Decorating a holiday home vary to some extend from a family home. The Coronado's needed a place to relax, to be inspired and to get new energy. To achieve this sense of calmness, it's essential that you surround yourself with something beautiful that truly reflects who you are," says Michelle. She quickly grasped Gerardo and Keila's preference of simple, urban things and elegant touches and turned their ideas into a coherent home that reflects who they are.

"The wallpaper makes the bedroom very glamorous"

Cover a wall with wallpaper

Add a glamorous feel

Michelle adviced the Coronados to cover one of the bedroom walls with an elegant wallpaper in deep blue tones. Especially Keila is very pleased with the result. "The wallpaper gives an extraordinary sense of luxury," she says.

Taking in the view and the sunny Miami weather