The design

Japanese aesthetics, Danish functionality

The new fusion collection is designed by nendo for BoConcept - a happy marriage between two great design cultures. It’s inspired by origami and the desire to fuse different elements to create new forms. The result? A unique collection with the perfect blend of Danish functionality, Japanese aesthetics and nendo’s talent for adding playful twists that create small moments in everyday life. Watch the film and learn more.

The fusion collection includes a sofa, an armchair, a wall system, a coffee table and a broad range of accessories.

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Meet the designer

What is nendo?

The world-renowned Japanese design studio nendo takes its name from the Japanese word for modeling clay - like their distinct design philosophy to transform your interaction with everyday objects by creating small moments that make you smile.

Chief Designer, Oki Sato says about the cooperation, ‘It’s really surprising to see the many similarities between Danish and Japanese design. Like how we both treat natural materials like wood and leather. We try to be as honest as possible to get this authentic, simple look.’

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The fusion chair

Sculptural look, great comfort

This is the new fusion chair by nendo. It’s cosy and comfortable with a unique, sculptural - yet simplistic - design. It’s inspired by the Japanese art of origami and created from one single surface that’s folded into a 3-dimensional form. It almost invites you to take a seat.

Celebrate individuality - Design your own
Not sure about the colour? Don’t worry. You can have the fusion chair in more than 100 different fabrics and leathers. So go ahead and make the design completely your own.

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The fusion sofa

A design icon is born

The new fusion sofa is iconic and sculptural. It’s aesthetic with beautiful stitching details and simple, wooden legs. The 4 freely arrangeable cushions truly reflect nendo’s inspiration of fusing the complete and incomplete and the art of origami - of turning a continous surface into a variable form.

Make it your own - Design the sofa of your dreams
It's more than just a sofa. Design your own piece exactly how you want it from more than 100 different fabrics and leathers. Be amazed by how a colour can change the look completely.

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