Como bookcase


Adj Done or acting according to a fixed plan or system; methodical.

Impulse is great… but so’s a completed to-do list. If Systematic is your storage match, you’re attracted to the efficiency of its design: the fact that everything’s at hand – one meticulously cleaned plate. Eat. Wash. Reposition. Repeat.

You appreciate the discipline of minimalism and the functionality of Danish design. And through A-B testing, you’ve learnt that you’re at your happiest when surrounded by honest natural materials.

Everything has its place. And yours is here.

The Systematic storage match uses two Como bookcases, designed by Morten Georgsen. We chose it for its sleek looks and the warmth of its oak – one of four colour options. The Como range is vast: from expansive wall systems to our new minimal metal shelf. This model requires no assembly. Simply unpack, hang and enjoy.

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Beige Charlotte armchair
Charlotte Chair
Amass vase
Amass Vase
Beige Eden pouf
Eden pouf
Como bookcase
White corner sofa with open end

Styling advice

Light green Charlotte chair next to grey Como bookcase

We think those of a systematic leaning will appreciate the orderliness and accessibility of this storage match. A tale of two worlds, the look combines elements of the Scandinavian aesthetic, with Japanese undertones, through a Shoji-styled room divide and our Shogun stool.

The power of three

Choose three neutral tones and echo them throughout your space – on surfaces, accessories and furniture. Pairing white with oak will give your room an airy blend of light and warmth.

Display with care

Fewer items typically scream for greater attention. But in this look, your displayed pieces shouldn’t stand out at all. Each should instead blend into the room. To find that balance, choose simple, non-ornate shapes. And displaying everyday items like dinnerware emphasises the notion of pared-down, functional living.

Play with contrasts

Yes, this look is all about order, but that needn’t result in uniformity, or a boring room for that matter. Experimenting with asymmetry, like leaving a book hanging out from a shelf, will create subtle points of interest. We also played with light, giving the floor a gloss finish – reflecting the soft matt of our white walls.

5 tips for a higher productivity

Wall cabinet
  • Stop multitasking
    You’ve probably heard the news: multi-tasking kills productivity. However, recent studies have shown that our constantly divided attentions are affecting our IQs too – reducing them by an average five points. Instead, focus on one task at a time. Turning off phone notifications and checking emails at allotted times will also limit disruptions and ramp up your output.
  • Look in the mirror
    Highly productive people understand what makes them produce their best work. Study your work-week. Note down the times when you’ve been most productive and when you’ve found it hard to concentrate. Consider factors like breaks, food, hydration and sleep – be as detailed as you want. At the end of the week, look for patterns and set up routines to fit. So, if you’ve noticed a sweet spot after your mid-morning coffee, schedule difficult tasks for 11am.
  • Try some procrastination
    Yes, you’re right: classic procrastination leads to nothing but disappointment. However, thinking for days instead of hours, before diving into a project, often raises productivity. As does putting a task on ice when faced with a lack of inspiration. Unresolved emails create stress and distract us from the task at hand. Apps like Chrome’s Boomerang extension allow you to push them away, to return at a date of your choosing.
  • Work 90 minutes at a time
    The cycles between light sleep, deep sleep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep are 90-minutes long. And those cycles continue into our waking hours. Scientists at Florida State University have discovered that working in 90-minute intervals, divided by breaks, produces our best levels of productivity.
  • Get more exercise
    You know all the physical and emotional benefits of exercise, but did you know that it promotes cognitive health as well? The good news is that unlike growing muscle or burning fat, productivity benefits are pretty much instantaneous, last for hours and don’t require huge effort. So, do 15 minutes on the treadmill for that important 9am meeting, or during a break for an afternoon boost.