White Como wall system


Adj Having or showing an interest in learning things; curious.

In a world where paper-and-ink is almost redundant – when your thirst for knowledge can be satisfied by a search engine in California, and a device in your pocket – who needs books?

You do. If this is your storage match, you need the feel of paper on finger, and the smell of hard-fought words. You look for the familiar typo, and welcome the stain that betrays a past life: the fact that these lines were once read by your brother, your mother or perhaps someone you’ve never met…

…at least not yet.

For ‘Inquisitive’ we combined three Como bookcases in white laminate. Designed by Morten Georgsen, Como is a wall-mounted solution that turns any wall into an elegant frame for the things you love. The Como bookshelf is available in three colours and comes ready to go – requiring no assembly.

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Style advice

White Como bookcase

Books make any space homely and unique. It could be down to paper’s warmth and touch. Or perhaps it’s more about the deeply personal nature of the words themselves. After all, no one has the same collection as you. And your titles (like it or not) give visitors an eye into your values, passions and interests.

To sort or not to sort?

Think how you use your books. Is your collection big and do you often return to its titles? Consider sorting by genre or author. Do you own fewer works, or believe a good book should be discovered rather than catalogued? Then arrange by size, colour – or use no system at all.

Out of the box

Store vertically or horizontally; stack books on the floor – or do all three. Big libraries can seem imposing. Leave some shelves empty, or assign them to artwork, ceramics or plants. And tricks like letting leaves grow beyond their shelves or displaying a few books face-out, are just as effective.

Light reading

Consider windows when locating your library, as prolonged sunlight will fade your book covers. Nothing sets the mood for a good read like a welcoming chair and soft light. The right floor-standing lamp can be cosy and inviting. Alternatively, follow our lead, and hang a statement globe lamp for added interest.

5 books for lovers of design

White Como wall system
  • Annie Leibovitz: A photographer’s life 1990-2005. Annie Leibovitz
    Whether you’re a pro photographer, Instagram snapper or simply appreciate the art of photography, this is a must-have. Its 480 pages scream attention-to-detail, and form a work that is part collection, part memoir, from one of America’s most important portrait photographers. The journey it captures is a personal one. The celebrity portraits for which she’s famed sit beside intimate candid shots of her life behind the lens – drawing focus to the curious and sometimes poignant contrast between her two worlds.
  • 100 interiors around the world. Taschen.
    This book pretty much does what it says on the cover. Within this two-book set Taschen presents some of the most awe-inspiring homes from six continents. Locations include Argentina, Morocco, Greece, Japan, UK and here in exotic Denmark. 100 Interiors is a feast for the eyes, serving a buffet of home styles. All are disparate and yet connected by one unifying force: the need to inhabit a personal and expressive space.
  • Monochrome Home: Elegant interiors in black and white. Hilary Robertson.
    Hilary Robertson is stylist and journalist whose clients include Elle Decoration and Vogue Living among many other revered titles. In her latest of four books, she delves into monochromatic themes – breaking the look up into its most-popular colour expressions: black and white, shades of pink and dark to name a few. In the final chapter, she visits locations around the world, including Copenhagen, New York, London and Paris, introducing us to thirteen monochromatic homes.
  • The monocle guide to cosy homes. Monocle
    Monocle have marketed this book as an antidote to the overtly styled and pristine homes, typical of the genre. Falling somewhere between functional guide and inspiration book, this 400-pager sheds light on the sometimes-elusive qualities that turn a building into a home. To inspire, it takes us on a photographic survey of fantastic, yet liveable homes around the globe. And advice arrives as detailed guides on the best locations to build yours – be it village, coastline, mountain, town or city.
  • These islands: a portrait of the british isles. Cereal
    CEREAL is a bi-annual magazine based in the UK. Each issue focuses on select destinations with interviews and articles covering design, travel, art and fashion. In this, one of its two book releases to date, the company takes us on a tour of its home, the British Isles. Evocative Images from London streets to the majestic peaks of Snowdonia, are coupled with powerful prose and poetry – all delivered in Cereal’s distinctive aesthetic.