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If you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be? And what would that choice then say off you? We believe that every element of your home should be about you and express your personality.

A great place to start is in your storage and the items that it holds. Storage can be individual, expressive and inventive and therefore allows you a great opportunity to express your personality.

Below we have taken 9 words and accompanied them with imaginatively styled room compositions. Click the word and composition that matches your personality and discover the style, lifestyle and products that fits your personality.


In a world where paper-and-ink is almost redundant – when your thirst for knowledge can be satisfied by a search engine in California, and a device in your pocket – who needs books? You do.

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Ceramics from a studio in Berlin. A book bought in JFK airport. That memento you found in the medina of Marrakech. If this is your storage match, you need a home for the things that remind you of life away.

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The meal. The vacation. The new job. Some would say that in 2018, when everything is sharable and nothing’s off limits, privacy is surely an outdated notion. If this is your storage match, you’d beg to differ.

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Impulse is great… but so’s a completed to-do list. If Systematic is your storage match, you’re attracted to the efficiency of its design: the fact that everything’s at hand – one meticulously cleaned plate. Eat. Wash. Reposition. Repeat.

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Minimalist, Scandinavian or Industrial? How about all three and more? If this is your storage match, you love the unapologetic freedom in its design – confidence in colour and arrangement – and the way it’s all seamlessly combined.

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Old and new. Light and dark. If this is your storage match, you’re now studying its forms – identifying the movements. Baroque, neoclassical, cubism… with a touch of 21st century Scandinavian.

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Clean silhouette. Brevity of line. Stripped palette. If this is your storage match, those seven words fill you with joy. And clutter is the enemy.

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If this is your storage match, you instantly empathise. You know the lines between restraint and indulgence that every avid collector straddles on daily basis. A limited edition here. An out-of-production colourway there. You need storage that is as much sculptural as functional.

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