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Designing a Room: Decoration Basics

Designing a room can be an exciting time—it’s a chance for a fresh start, a new look and lots of shopping! But with so much to do, that enthusiasm can easily morph into stress and put a damper on the whole experience. Luckily, there is an easy fix.

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Personal Style

By taking the guesswork out of your interior design project, you can not only remove some of that tension, but focus on creating rooms that best reflect your personal style. A personal home is an invaluable space that provides a place for you to embrace your lifestyle, find inspiration and retreat.

If you follow our simple guidelines, you’ll be ready to decorate any room from start to finish and finally make that dream design a reality.


Whether you were born with design visions or need a hefty dose of inspiration, you are in the right place. By identifying and fine tuning your design goals, you will propel your project in the right direction, all while saving time, money and mistakes.

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Ask Key Questions

By asking yourself three simple questions, you can successfully evaluate the needs for your design. Remember, you want your room to look amazing, but how it looks will mean very little if it isn’t functional.

What does the room need to function for?

What can be incorporated into the design that would make sure this goal is met?

What are some things that can be used in this design that reflect your personal style?

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Get in The Mood

A mood board is a handy tool that you can use to inspire and discover the desired aesthetic for your new room. Whether done physically on a large bulletin board or digitally on Pinterest or an app, this board is a place where you will gather all your inspiring images, colour palettes, floor samples, furniture photos and swatches to ensure everything meshes.

Measure Twice, Buy Once

It’s understandable that with all the excitement of your new project you might want to fast forward to the juicy stuff. But whip out your measuring tape first. In order to design the best room possible, you need to make sure that not only everything fits, but that the size of your room harmonises with the proportions of your furniture. Be sure to measure the room, along with any furniture, wall art and accessories being incorporated. Measuring can be the difference between a mediocre space and a stunning design.

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Every colour elicits a feeling, but the tricky part is from person to person it isn’t necessarily the same. Memories and perception all play into how colour affects us and finding the best hues for your interior can be half the battle.

Fresh: White, Green, Blue, Light Grey; 
Energized: Brights, Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink; 
Luxurious: Rich Colours, Dark Purple, Dark Red; 
Sophisticated: Dark Grey, Brown, Beige;
Calm: Pastels, Light Blues, Light Purples.

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Join the Dark Side

If white isn’t for you, don’t feel the need to brush your walls in the snowy neutral just to create the illusion of space. Light colours are great for small interiors, but dark colours can also expand a room by adding the illusion of depth. Just be sure to balance out darker hues with lighter wall hangings and adequate lighting.


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When available, natural light is always ideal, but artificial lighting is still a must. Consider how the room will be illuminated both day and night to keep your design goals in check.

Light It Up in Style

Harsh lighting and hard shadows are the last thing you need showcasing your new design and unfortunately, overhead lighting can lead to both. To fix this issue you could consider dimmer switches, secondary lighting that casts a softer glow, or both. Not only will this help highlight your new design in the best possible light, but it can also toggle a room’s mood from energetic to relaxing at the flick of a switch.

Go Simple

If rewiring isn’t part of your design plans, candles and lamps are the perfect solution to change up your lighting. They can be utilised in any room, from creating focus in the home office to soft illumination in the dining room. Bonus: scented candles can mellow a room’s vibe by appealing to multiple senses.

Dress to Impress

If you want sheer curtains to soften the light or blackout blinds to sleep in peace, be sure to pick window dressings with both purpose and style. Want your window to appear larger? Try hanging opaque curtains near the ceiling and wider than the window frame. Maybe you want a more tailored look? Look for blinds that fit within the frame.


Whether you have a few pieces that you already adore or you’re starting from scratch, think of furniture as your canvas. Accessories come and go, but furniture? A good piece can last a lifetime.

Embrace Neutrals

Do you easily get bored with your decor? Then consider how you plan to furnish a room. Neutrals on furniture and walls are a great method to keep your options open. This way you can instantly change up the look of your space by swapping out a few key accessories, like rugs, lamps, throw pillows, shelf decor. The little details make a big difference.

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Choose Quality

High quality pieces that are more resistant to ageing, peeling, or other damage will keep your room looking fresh for longer. Look for brands that are transparent about materials used in their products and statements that give you a feel for quality.


A great piece of art can help give a room extra personality. This is your chance to balance your design, infuse it with colour and add personal flair.

Consider Canvas

Canvas is great because it has a modern look, comes in a variety of sizes and often doesn’t require a frame. Choose pieces that you personally love and don’t be afraid of a bit of colour.

Brown Wall Art
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Get Framed

Framed art can have a more refined look and has the benefit of being protected by glass. This is also a great option for those on a tighter budget. Prints are a fantastic way to own the work of artists you love, but without the hefty price tag of an original.


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The details are not the cherry on top your design, they’re the whole sundae. Remember, no matter how small, everything you bring into the room should serve a purpose. If you don’t need it and the room design doesn’t benefit, it probably doesn’t belong.

Don’t Get Cold Feet

Hardwood and laminate floors are an undying trend—and for good reason. They’re long lasting, easy to clean and have a sleek aesthetic. The downside? They can sometimes both look and feel a bit cold. Luckily, a well-placed area rug can instantly remedy this hiccup. Try high pile designs for extra comfort and luxury or a bright patterned rug for a punch of colour and flair.

Combine Comfort and Style

Whether designing a living room or bedroom, consider accessorising with throw pillows and blankets. They’re a simple way to add style and comfort. Plus, you can instantly influence a room’s vibe by switching them out. A great way to take a bland bed from boring to bold or a draughty couch from chilly to cosy.

Clear Out Clutter

No matter how great a design, a sure-fire way to kill it is clutter. Consider layouts and furniture that help you stash display unworthy odds and ends out of sight and trade in that overflowing shelf for a few select pieces that tell your story. When in doubt? Take it out!

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The Ultimate Design Secret

You need to love it. Friends or trend experts might insist you incorporate that new green colour, but if it makes you nauseous, you should probably ignore the hype. If you feel it isn’t right for you and your home, don’t be pressured into it. Try to keep an open mind during your design journey but trust your intuition. After all, you know yourself better than anyone.

Benefit from The Professionals

Still a bit lost? Design experts love to lend a hand. At BoConcept, we are committed to the success of your design, so we have our very own interior designers in your local store. Whether you need some inspiration, or the solution to a specific problem, they are ready to help!

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