5 Easy Updates for Your Outdoor Space

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Embracing Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces such as balconies and terraces have an infinite number of possibilities to enhance everyday living for everyone from the extrovert to the introvert, and yet, it isn’t uncommon for these potential outdoor havens to be lacklustre and underutilised. The good news is you don’t need an expensive makeover to get the most out of your outdoor space—with just a few small touches you can take your outdoor area from underwhelming to inspiring and finally create an outdoor living space that you and your lifestyle love!

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1. Think Textiles

From the colour of the couch to the duvet strewn across the bed, you put a lot of thought into the textiles that help craft the interior of your home, but did you do the same for your outdoor space? Swapping or adding fabric accents is one of the easiest ways to infuse your outdoor living space with colour, add some texture, and create an aesthetic that is cosy and welcoming. This can be done by adding an outdoor rug, hanging some curtains to diffuse harsh sunlight, or simply adding a few throw pillows. Already have pillows? Try updating them with pillow covers to give outdoor furniture an instant facelift.

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2. Go Green

Even if your outdoor space already has grass or even a couple of other forms of greenery, a few potted plants can be an absolute game-changer. Consider filling empty corners with a couple of planters filled with plants, flowers, or even vegetables. Cement plant pots are always a go-to since they are generally unaffected by harsh weather, such as strong wind and hard rain, and they also meld well with a variety of decor styles. Have a small apartment terrace or balcony? When floor space or table space isn’t abundant, remember to look to the walls and ceiling for opportunities to incorporate plants. This may include hanging a few flower baskets to add colour or adding a few wall planters filled with lush greenery.

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3. Add Lighting

New lighting can help you see your outdoor living space in a whole new light—literally. To make your outdoor space feel more intimate and relaxing, add a few extra lighting options. This may include solar-powered lanterns, a few strings of twinkle lights, or a couple of aromatic candles. Looking for an option that is extra luxe, yet still affordable? Opt for a small fire bowl. Nothing adds cosiness to a space quite like a living flame—especially on chilly evenings!

4. Paint It Pretty

Paint isn’t only wonderful at giving weather-beaten furniture a new lease of life, it can also add some major flair when applied using a repetitive stencil. A stencil is a great way to give patio stones or a tabletop a fresh and fun look. Want to add a unique flair to your space? Paint a piece of plywood or scrap wood to create your own DIY abstract outdoor art and then show off your masterpiece by leaning it up against a wall. For the best results, be sure to use outdoor paint and a water-proof sealer.

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5. Embrace the Season

Fill your outdoor living area with the textures, smells, and tastes of the season. This will not only help make it inviting but also ensure it feels fresh and vibrant throughout the year. This may include adding extra cushions or throws during colder months, lighting a candle with a seasonal scent, or hosting an outdoor get-together with a meal made from fresh seasonal produce. There are endless ways to toggle your space to the season, you just have to figure out what best suits you and your home.

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Whether you have a spacious terrace or a small balcony, a few changes and additions can elevate your outdoor living area into a space that aligns with your style and lifestyle. Need more advice for styling your outdoor space? Our interior design service is always here to help!

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Outdoor hygge

Outdoor Hygge is all about embracing happiness, invigorating your senses and focusing on enjoying time with loved ones in nature.

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Living for the sun

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