Room planner

Using our 3D Room Planner, we can show you how a design looks in your home. Together with mood boards and material samples, we create solutions that visualizes the design choices. Work with us to see how designer furniture can fit your space.

Designing your rooms and products

In every BoConcept store, the staff is equipped with modern tools to help design and guide you to your curated selection.\ \ The 3D product and room designer “Room Planner” is a central tool in the interior design process. It enables the interior consultant to visualize your home, product and potential solutions. Using the 3D interior design program, the consultant can easily create your home. Insert one of the millions of possible furniture combinations. And create a space based on your needs and wishes.\ \ Changed your mind during the process? No problem, the consultant can easily alter the model, colours, combinations etc. and present you the result in high-quality rendered images.

See it

Actually seeing your solution as it will look in real life offers some obvious benefits. The most important benefit is that it allows you to work with a professional to try out and adjust every detail of the designs. The 3D program allows us to quickly test options and combinations in your setting and get a clear visual of the final solution. We provide you with all details so that you can make an informed decision about your home and be comfortable in every aspect of the interior design project.

In depth with your favourite designs

Room Planner can be used for home projects in all sizes but we also use it to go in depth with a single design. Using the 3D furniture software, we can visualize all possible design options and quickly show how a sofa looks in different materials, colours, sizes and more. And if the design has functionality, the 3D program can show animations of e.g. how the sofa bed unfolds to visualize how much space that will require in the room.

Your blueprints and your home

The starting point of the interior design is always your home. By using the functionality of Room Planner, the design consultant can use your blueprints and build your home in the program. In a home visit, the interior designer can use Room Planner to visualize how a design looks in your actual home.

Two individuals reviewing a floor plan amid various fabric swatches on a wooden table.
Two individuals reviewing a floor plan amid various fabric swatches on a wooden table.

Visit us and try it

Visit us in store to get started using the best of 3D software to create beautiful design compositions. Here we can bring the designs to live, bring samples and allow you to feel the textures, sit in the furniture and be guided to the perfect designer pieces.

Professional help

Book an interior designer and get your future home solution created in 3D. When the interior designer visits you, the consultant can use images and blueprints to create your space and show you exactly how your dream space will look.

Book an Interior Designer
Motion-blurred person walking in a sunlit, wooden-beamed room with a cozy sofa.