Casa Palma, Miami

Looking to bring some Scandinavian style to a multi-million-dollar residential project in Miami, the developer turned to iconic Danish brand BoConcept to provide the hygge

Brand story by Sisse Bro | Herning, Denmark | 04.05.22

With its waterfront views from the living room and open, double-height spaces, the Casa Palma project in Miami provided the local BoConcept design team broad scope for interior creativity. When a Norwegian investor placed a brand-new 20-million-dollar villa on the real estate market in Miami, it could have been fitted out with the most exclusive luxury furniture in order to impress buyers, yet he prioritised infusing the house with a Scandinavian atmosphere, above all. Throughout the villa’s different spaces, low-lying furniture was chosen to allow in light and ensure clear sightlines. Corner sofas Hampton and Amsterdam, here in velvety fabrics, communicate elegance as well as comfort.

Hygge comes to Miami

‘The interior really had to evoke the feeling of "hygge" – this was very important to the client’, says Senior Design Consultant at BoConcept Miami, Daniela Contreras, ‘And with the BoConcept interiors, we were able to fit out the house with furniture and accessories that all shared the same taste and feel.’ The investor came across the BoConcept store in Miami somewhat by chance, while out on a walk. ‘Seeing the furniture and going through the possibilities with our design team, he quickly became convinced that this was the right match and directly put us in contact with the architects of the house. “This is the brand I want,” he told them.’ BoConcept was far from unknown to the architects, Borges + Associates, however.

In fact, the Imola swivel chair had already been placed in one of the renderings of the project, and most likely, the choice of this piece of Danish design, with its natural curves, clean lines and strong expressions of comfort, had made a lasting impression on the client. ‘We worked closely together with the architects here, as we were dealing with a unique and high-end project, not something we come across every day,’ explains Contreras, ‘These extraordinary volumes had to be given careful attention, making sure that the architectural concept would work together with the interiors.’

With materials such as wood and leather, and soft textiles in brown and grey hues, the house has a hospitable feel. A lot can be expressed with just a few signature pieces – such as the Imola swivel chair and the Cupertino executive desk.

Creating a Scandinavian ambience

One of the most important priorities was to maintain a sense of open perspectives in relation to the villa's large interior spaces as well as to its relationship with the outside. This was accomplished with deep, low-profile seating, set within simple, airy layouts.

A comprehensively BoConcept concept

BoConcept designs are conceived to create a sense of quality, warmth and charisma, no matter the size and scale of the project, and Villa Palma demonstrates exactly that. ‘Even though the house didn’t have an owner yet, it had to reflect a certain lifestyle and the Miami vibe,’ concludes Contreras, ‘We are usually involved in different-sized projects, but here we were offered the chance to indulge in the potential promised by many more square metres than usual, by the light, by the views, and so had the opportunity to build up a complete and comprehensive BoConcept scenography.’

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