Mindful crafting


Mindful crafting

Green is not a trend. It isn’t something that will (or should) come in and out of fashion. It’s a commitment to an ongoing journey of respect and accountability. Always reassessing processes and finding ways to improve.

The appetite for respectful quality will, however, impact style trends. In the early 2020s, we will want the aesthetics of our chosen materials to reflect our “green” mindset as well. This clean, natural look serves as currency for our conscience.

So now, lightly treated natural materials will become ever more popular. In contrast, high-pop hues of digital, synthetic nature will mostly serve as occasional accents.

The sofa is your best friend

It’s there for you when you come home from a swim, a wander, an adventure. It’s your favorite corner. The sofa set up is light and airy, perfect for relaxation and for when you invite your friends from the surf club to come back for a coffee catch up. You like your space to feel both calm and uplifting for your guests. Like nature herself.


No matter your personality or lifestyle, we can tailor our many sofa designs to fit your unique lifestyle. It's about you, authentic choices and mindful consumption.

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Soothing by nature. These greens will play a key role across all palettes, from lush and dusty to more rooted tones. Supporting our longing for the great outdoors.


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New designs and materials

Our new 2022 collection is here. New designs, materials and functionalities combining the best of current trends with the timeless aesthethic of Danish design


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Inspired by our 70th anniversary, the New Kollektion is deeply rooted in our Danish heritage. Explore our new season collection and discover the timelessness of our modern furniture designs.

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We're here to help you co-create your personal space with our any-project-size interior design service. It's free styling advice in store, at home or virtually.

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