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BoConcept Auckland

Sebastian Wright, Interior Designer, BoConcept Auckland

I’M INSPIRED BY: Simplicity. It is important to remind ourselves to start from the basics every now and then as there are plenty of options out there. Sometimes, if you are left with too many to choose from, it may cause confusion. For example, there is a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere when carefully selected objects of are placed together in design.

FAVOURITE DESIGN: The Meda range would be my favorite product this season due to its design features and storage solutions, making it an exclusive and elegant addition to the board furniture collection. For example, you can build a wall unit exactly to your space and needs. It is also available in finishes that would suit most interiors.

FAVOURITE SPOT: It has to be my open-plan living room. I live in an apartment therefore every inch of space is important. I am fortunate enough to have the space to fit my favorite pieces of furniture. It is also the place where everything gets done from entertaining to unwinding after a long day.

FAVOURITE COLOUR: My favourite colour is white. Whenever I look at it, I immediately feel cool, calm and collected. White is clean and pure, a universal colour for simplicity and balance in this chaotic world.

I LOVE: Auckland is such a great city because it is still constantly developing, although it might seem like it hasn’t caught up with the rest of the world. I particularly enjoy the food scene with its focus on fresh and seasonal produce.

NEXT TIME I WILL TRY: I will try using bolder colours, but in small dosages to keep the overall look clean and crisp. Whether it’s taking an ascent colour from a painting or a cool accessory.

BEST TIP: I believe in the saying ‘less is more’. By carefully selected pieces of furniture, you will have a classic and timeless base to work with. This embraces the necessities of an urban lifestyle without compromising on style.

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Cheryl Campbell, Interior Stylist, BoConcept Auckland

I’M INSPIRED BY:  Art and people.  I love interesting people who have a story to tell.   You can fell so inspired by their experiences because even if you have visited the same places or shared the same experience they often see something different to how you see it. Art is always something the makes such a difference to me, it makes me happy and I love reading art magazines and seeing what is happening now.

FAVOURITE DESIGN: is the soft armed Indivi 2.  I love the look, the sleekness and the beautiful soft arms that make the sofa look so inviting and the runner leg just finishes it off beautifully.   That is why I have it in my home in a beautiful soft white leather.

FAVOURITE SPOT: is my spare bedroom on a beautiful summers day. It has a lovely stylish and  colourful sofa in yellows, blues, and greens and looks into the garden.   The sun streams in and the space feels very calm and peaceful. A lovely place to contemplate the world and recharge the batteries.

FAVOURITE COLOUR: Cream and taupe.  Taupe is such an under-rated colour. Almost all colours work with Taupe - raspberries, purples, blues etc it is very versatile.   Cream is just a lovely clean colour that works everywhere.  Different tones of cream can still work beautiful with white tone as well.

I LOVE: Auckland for its diversity, its unpredictable weather (four seasons in one day) , the restaurants such a variety all over Auckland that you are spoilt for choice, the beautiful volcanos and green open spaces like the Auckland Domain and the beautiful, interesting people who make for such a great city.

NEXT TIME I WILL TRY: a stylish stand along piece like the Imola in a beautiful rich purple Napoli fabric with my fabulous off white leather sofa !!!

MY BEST TIP: would be to always remember that picture in the magazine did not happen overnight. Choose furniture and accessories over a period of time to get the look you really want that shows your style and personality.

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