Create your Mood board

Take a note from our interior stylists and create a mood board to determine a personal direction for your interior project. When done right, a mood board helps define your ideas and communicate them to others. More than that, it's a fun process that enables you to bring your interior dreams to life.

Pin it

A great way to get started on a mood board is by using Pinterest, which allows you to digitally pin images to a personal board. It is filled with inspiring images, videos and brands like ours, which ensures a steady flow of interior design ideas, trends and tips.

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Get the creative juices flowing

It can be difficult to know where to start, but a good way to dip your toes in is to take a step back and brainstorm ideas. Think of keywords, brands you love, materials, themes, colours and feelings that you can look up, and your mood board with start to come together before you know it.

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Don’t limit yourself

When creating an interior design mood board, don't be limited by the interior world. Fashion, food, architecture and nature will all spark inspiration on your board, and help add context to your personal story.

Have fun and experiment

The perfect mood board isn't set in stone. Once you have entered the creative mindset, you'll draw inspiration from all around you. Try to add these elements and ideas to your board, and soon it will become a continuously evolving personal expression.

Now clean it up

You've created a personal mood board filled with good ideas, themes and trends, but to become a useful tool you now need to sharpen it, clean it up and make it more precise. This could mean dividing your mood board into several boards with more specific themes, or simply taking a hard look at what it communicates as a whole.

Take it to a professional

Our interior designers have many years experience in working with mood boards, and would love to give their input to yours. Bounce your ideas off a professional and adjust your ideas accordingly, and you'll find yourself with a visual tool that sets a clear direction for your personal statement.

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