Delivery time

We take pride in our ability to customise and create your perfect furniture solution. That means that we will create your individual, unique product and keep very few of our designs in stock. The craftsmen at our factory will work to craft your unique furniture using the best materials, sourced from around the world. The downside to this is time. It takes time to ensure quality in every detail and while we try to get your new design to you as fast as possible, the below times are indications of how long it usually takes.

Estimated delivery times

Board furniture: 10-12 weeks

We produce 98% of our board furniture and wooden designs in our factory in Denmark. From here we ship it to you.

Upholstery furniture: 10-14 weeks

Creating the perfect upholstered furniture is a time-consuming and complex process. For example, the qualification it takes to upholster an Imola takes approximately a year and has only been given to a handful of highly skilled upholsterers in the world.

Chairs: 10-14 weeks

From dining chairs, benches and bar stools to office chairs, lounge chairs, recliner chairs and armchairs, we've got the right chair for all your seating needs.

Handling & packaging

All our board furniture is packaged safely according to our transportation requirements. All items are protected on surfaces and edges with foam and expanded polysterene (EPS) and have been drop tested to help protect items from being damaged if dropped while in their original packaging. Both ends of the cartons include extra packaging so the cartons can stand upright. On particularly vulnerable items, a symbol indicates how the carton must be handled. All our packaging can withstand a little rain although it is not waterproof.

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