The crisp Scandinavian look

Northern light

Bring the Scandinavian look into your home with relaxed interior design, wooden accents and lots of natural light.

Use clear whites and the colours of nature to bring a sense of authenticity and tranquillity into your home. Lighter, pared-back furniture paired with muted pastels will bring freshness and a bright mood, while adding rustic dishes and vases will create a sense of nature indoors.

Contrasts combine in scandinavian design

Wood and felt

Light wood and felt expresses the Nordic style and paired with white clean lines, the room emanates calmness.

White and bright

Don't be afraid to use white on white and let the furniture blend seamlessly into the walls. Pair it with living plants for a pop of green colour.

Soft and sharp

Let the sharp lines of a bookcase contrast the soft, rounded contours of an armchair to create a defined yet inviting interior.

Northern dining

A large and wooden table top is a statement of natural strength and comfort. Almost like dining in the woods on a long summer night in Scandinavia.

Inviting Scandinavian dining space featuring the Lund glass cabinet in Natural Oak.

Invite comfort in

Light, muted colours and natural materials help invoke a feeling of comfort and togetherness.

The Modena sofa in a cozy living room.

Matching accessories

Every day is unique. Use different accessories to mix it up. An artwork collage, a lamp on the floor or a pendant in a corner… Go for it – your ideas, your style, your dream space!

Textured rug with a round wooden table, glass of water, and a soft throw blanket in sunlight.
Modern living area inspired by nature featuring the Salamanca sofa upholstered in brown Lazio fabric.

Every day is unique

Create the perfect mood by mixing and matching rich colours and soft fabrics. Layer and combine elements to create your dream space, and then move them as often as you like. Every day is unique, just like your home.

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