How to create the 70s colour trend

From the 1960s to the 70s, colour trends transformed from psychedelic to earthy, muted shades of nature with bold overtones. Rich oranges, yellows and greens joined shag pile and corduroy to create an ambience of warmth and comfort. There was a playful element too, with geometric shapes and mosaics imbuing a sense of movement and high energy.

Today, many of us are falling for the retro 70s colour trend all over again, incorporating tones and textures that evoke on-trend nostalgia.

Here’s how to welcome the 70s look to your contemporary home.

Dark wood designs

Dark wood brings depth to your design while wrapping you in cosy sophistication. It also forges a strong relationship between the indoors and out. A penchant for wood panelling in the 70s offered the perfect contrast to a rich, natural colour palette, so it’s an ideal canvas for the style. On a backdrop of dark wooden floors or walls, invite contrast with soothing greys, whites and pops of black. Complete the look with delicate furniture designs, like a chic corner sofa with open ends and slim legs, in a pale shade for balance and visual interest.

Sophisticated home office with the Kingston office desk and Calgary storage.

Rich colour palettes

It’s easy to reveal your personal style through the 70s colour trend. Channel the glamour of the era and accessorise with luxe gold accents via mirrors, cushions and vintage decor. Enhance a minimalist, neutral scheme with a statement furniture piece in bold green, blue or mustard. To cocoon your space in eternal warmth, blend deep shades of orange, yellow and brown. If you’d rather a soft, feminine touch to go with your 70s ambience, introduce a dusty rose occasional chair or sofa. The most important thing is to create a colour palette that represents your unique personality within the design.

Modern living room with a mustard sectional sofa, beige chair, patterned rug, and minimalist decor.

Tantalising textures

From the distinctive pattern of corduroy to luxe leather and softly glowing velvet, this is an era that truly embraced tantalising textures. To turn heads with your design, incorporate the look with a velvet sofa as a living room focal point, in rich yellow, green or brown. Highlight a classic, black leather lounge chair with white walls and dark wood accents. Mix and match textures by layering patterned, corduroy cushions in a variety of colours. Then, take the chance to experience the luxurious feel of shag underfoot, with a rug that represents the 70s trend at its finest. Vivid mosaics are another hallmark of the era, so accessorise with vases, picture frames, tiles or rugs featuring a kaleidoscope of geometric shapes and colours. Indoor plants are always on-trend, however, giant palm fronds and ferns are particularly in keeping with the style.

Cozy bedroom with a view of the water, featuring earth-toned bedding and a small side table.

Getting it right

Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or reviving a tired room, it's always great to have a trusted opinion to point you in the right direction. Our experienced designers can guide you to an on-trend space, no matter if your needs are large or small. Just set up a chat in store for free styling advice. If you decide you want some help, we’ll work with your budget and your individual style to bring your 70s colour trend dreams into the present-day reality.

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