The Asti desk

Person at desk with a lampshade headpiece, phone, and colorful robot figurine.

Designed by Morten Georgsen, this contemporary office desk features a crafted combination of metal and wood, with a subtle framing, to create an enclosed, yet open, working area.

Form meets function

Elegant silhouette

With a focus on simplicity, the Asti desk boasts a light, clean silhouette for a modern, minimalist design that will stand the test of time.

Metal legs

The Asti desk is supported by slim metal legs that are coordinated with the tabletop to ensure a versatile design that elevates any home office.

Cosy look and feel

Crafted with a combination of metal and wood, the Asti desk is the ideal base for a cosy working space.

Explore the look

A versatile desk design that looks just as elegant in the centre of a room as it does against a wall.

More you. More extraordinary.

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Meet the designer

Morten Georgsen designs modern furniture with multiple functions. He has a talent for mixing materials and colours to create a dynamic, yet harmonious look. Morten Georgsen's designs reflect his passion for creating amazing functionality without ever compromising on beauty.

Desinger Morten Georgsen in black and white

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