Explore the BoConcept range of contemporary furniture and accessories for living, dining, sleeping, home-office and outdoor spaces. Almost every piece can be customised to match your vision for your home. Pick a BoConcept design and start customising - and remember that our design consultants in store always stand ready to guide you to your perfect expression of you. And once you have decided on your perfect item, take advantage of our delivery and assembly service and enjoy watching the best of Danish design arrive at your door.
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All prices are recommended retail prices in HONG KONG DOLLAR (HK$) and include VAT.
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    Pendants - Chelsea pendant - Black - Metal
    Chelsea pendant

    From HK$7,229.00

    As shown HK$7,229.00

  • Popular
    2.5 seater sofas - Chelsea sofa - Yellow - Fabric
    Chelsea sofa

    From HK$42,290.00

    As shown HK$52,129.00

  • Armchairs - Chelsea chair - Beige - Fabric
    Chelsea chair

    From HK$16,390.00

    As shown HK$17,332.00

  • Popular
    Floor lamps - Chelsea floor lamp - Black - Metal
    Chelsea floor lamp

    From HK$7,229.00

    As shown HK$7,229.00

  • Popular
    Wall lamps - Chelsea wall lamp - Black - Metal
    Chelsea wall lamp

    From HK$5,419.00

    As shown HK$5,419.00

  • Popular
    3 seater sofas - Carlton sofa - Blue - Fabric
    Carlton sofa

    From HK$19,790.00

    As shown HK$29,993.00

  • Velvet lounge sofa

    Refreshing minimalism

    In this setting, our stylists have brought Danish designs together in a contemporary expression of refreshing minimalism inspired by a yearning for the basic and nostalgic. The palette of calming neutral tones is lifted with touches of the near-pastel hues in the combination of the brown cotton velvet Amsterdam sofa and the organic tones of the Como wall system, the Sevilla coffee table and the Retrospective rug.

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  • 2.5 seater sofas - Carlton sofa - Brown - Leather
    Carlton sofa

    From HK$17,790.00

    As shown HK$41,044.00

  • 2 seater sofas - Carlton sofa - Blue - Fabric
    Carlton sofa

    From HK$16,590.00

    As shown HK$25,040.00

  • Chaise longue sofas - Carlton sofa with resting unit - Beige - Fabric
    Carlton sofa with resting unit

    From HK$28,590.00

    As shown HK$42,729.00

  • Footstools - Carlton footstool - Blue - Fabric
    Carlton footstool

    From HK$7,579.00

    As shown HK$10,713.00

  • Chaise longue sofas - Carlton corner sofa with resting unit - Grey - Fabric
    Carlton corner sofa with resting unit

    From HK$49,890.00

    As shown HK$74,281.00

  • Sofas with open end - Carlton sofa with lounging units - Beige - Fabric
    Carlton sofa with lounging units

    From HK$33,690.00

    As shown HK$46,309.00

  • Velvet lounge sofa

    Relaxing ambience

    Combining the Miami sofa in light green cotton velvet with a bright Philadelphia coffee table ensures a beautiful and relaxing ambience. The green velvet sofas unite the look and ensures a nostalgic, yet contemporary composition with minimalist and calming vibes.

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  • Corner sofas - Carlton corner sofa - Green - Fabric
    Carlton corner sofa

    From HK$40,390.00

    As shown HK$60,361.00

  • Night stands - Seattle night stand - rectangular - Brown - Walnut
    Seattle night stand

    From HK$2,649.00

    As shown HK$2,759.00