Sometimes, when you look at a room, something seems to be missing. Some little detail that pulls everything together. The right footstools completes the look of a room, like the period at the end of a sentence.
All prices are recommended retail prices in HONG KONG DOLLAR (HK$) and include VAT.
  • Footstools - Marseille footstool - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$7,499.00

    As shown HK$9,312.00

  • Footstools - Marseille footstool - Green - Fabric

    From HK$6,799.00

    As shown HK$10,224.00

  • Footstools - Amsterdam footstool - Green - Fabric

    From HK$7,008.00

    As shown HK$9,072.00

  • Sofa beds - Xtra footstool with sleeping function - Blue - Fabric

    From HK$3,549.00

    As shown HK$5,853.00

  • Footstools - Bermuda footstool - Red - Fabric

    From HK$5,679.00

    As shown HK$5,679.00

  • Footstools - Hampton footstool - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$6,288.00

    As shown HK$7,856.00

  • Danish footstool design
    Welcome to the new definition of a footstool. Gone are the stuffy, bulky, stained footstools of the past. At BoConcept, the range of footstools are sleek, tasteful, modern and refreshing. They look at home, seamlessly working with your leather sofa or adding a pop of colour to your minimalist set-up.

    Footstools are versatile. A new seat for the kids, a perch for your pets, or simply a comfortable place to rest your feet. Coming home should be just that. Homely. Although small and often overlooked, the footstool could be that one accessory that makes your living room complete, both visually and functionally.

    With the wide range of living room furnishings available at BoConcept, you might imagine that selecting a stool is hard work. But, in fact, it’s simple. Scroll through the catalogue and let your heart fall in love with that one footstool that embodies everything you want. Comfort, hygge and style, wrapped up in one.

    If you need a little inspiration, we can help. We’ve prepared this guide on how to create your perfect living room, incorporating a footstool simultaneously.
  • Popular
    Footstools - Hampton footstool on wheels with storage left and right sides - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$5,760.00

    As shown HK$8,354.00

  • Footstools - Ottawa triangular pouf - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$4,375.00

    As shown HK$5,626.00

  • Footstools - Rico footstool - Grey - Leather

    From HK$2,759.00

    As shown HK$4,301.00

  • Footstools - Ottawa triangular pouf - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$6,031.00

    As shown HK$7,767.00

  • Footstools - Fargo footstool - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$5,389.00

    As shown HK$7,140.00

  • Footstools - Ottawa triangular pouf with tray matt black structure - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$7,169.00

    As shown HK$9,243.00

  • Designer footstool table
    The footstool can turn your edgy, minimalist sofa into a hygge heaven. It softens the room while adding some personality and comfort.

    Equal parts functional and aesthetical, the BoConcept footstool isn’t just a useless accessory or prop. We’ve designed each stool to feel welcoming and like an organic part of the room. It shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

    From hidden storage spaces to tuck away the footstool when it’s not needed, to matching sofas that make the footstool simply feel like an extension.

    Classic shapes, rounded triangles and even block cubes can work with your existing furniture to promote hygge. Rustic designs that contrast and pop with urban interiors to matching fabric textures and colours to unify the room from one side to the other.

    For more help with creating that hygge warmth with a footstool, check out our full guide by clicking below.
  • Footstools - Istra 2 footstool - Yellow - Fabric

    From HK$4,529.00

    As shown HK$5,141.00

  • Footstools - Ottawa triangular pouf with tray with USB charger - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$8,825.00

    As shown HK$11,356.00

  • Popular
    Sofa beds - Xtra tufted footstool with sleeping function - Brown - Leather

    From HK$8,633.00

    As shown HK$8,633.00

  • Popular
    Footstools - Osaka footstool, tufted seat - Black - Fabric

    From HK$5,199.00

    As shown HK$5,606.00

  • Footstools - Indivi footstool - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$4,279.00

    As shown HK$5,078.00

  • Footstools - Carlton footstool - Blue - Fabric

    From HK$7,449.00

    As shown HK$10,548.00

  • Designer footstool table
    Will your new foot stool add colour or blend right in?

    Selecting a colour for your foot stool is important. First, you need to consider how it will be used. An impromptu coffee table? A place to rest muddy boots? A drawing board for your kids? A new perch for the clawing cat?

    BoConcept can help you consider functionality besides design. Materials that can easily be cleaned or are stain-resistant create ottomans that are versatile and modern.

    We also have foot stools with storage compartments inside, to give you another little nook to tidy away clutter.

    The colour and texture of the foot stool works with your living room plan, rather than just getting in the way. This complete guide to planning a living room can help you work out what foot stool you need, even in the smallest of rooms.
  • Footstools - Hampton footstool with storage left and right sides - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$6,600.00

    As shown HK$9,566.00

  • Footstools - Hampton footstool on wheels - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$5,760.00

    As shown HK$8,354.00

  • Footstools - Osaka footstool, tufted seat - Blue - Fabric

    From HK$4,089.00

    As shown HK$6,203.00

  • Footstools - Carmo footstool - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$6,499.00

    As shown HK$8,654.00

  • Footstools - Cenova footstool - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$6,849.00

    As shown HK$8,716.00

  • Footstools - Osaka footstool, regular seat - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$4,089.00

    As shown HK$6,203.00

  • Footstools - Indivi footstool - Beige - Fabric

    From HK$3,119.00

    As shown HK$4,059.00

  • Footstools - Miami footstool - Orange - Fabric

    From HK$5,959.00

    As shown HK$8,003.00

  • Footstools - Carmo footstool - Grey - Fabric

    From HK$5,889.00

    As shown HK$8,635.00

  • Footstools - Indivi footstool - Brown - Leather

    From HK$3,189.00

    As shown HK$11,448.00

  • Footstools - Miami footstool - Black - Fabric

    From HK$6,269.00

    As shown HK$8,390.00

  • Footstools - Mezzo footstool - Beige - Leather

    From HK$6,849.00

    As shown HK$13,194.00