Sofa beds

Room for one more? A sofa bed means there’s space for family, friends and unexpected guests. And they’re perfect when you want to live both smaller and smarter.
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    Sofa beds - Madison sofa with sleeper function and manual headrest - Grey - Fabric

    As shown HK$30,854.00

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    Sofa beds - Melo 2 sofa with reclining and sleeping function - Grey - Fabric

    As shown HK$11,490.00

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    Footstools - Xtra footstool with sleeping function - Blue - Fabric

    As shown HK$5,684.00

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    Sofa beds - Xtra tufted footstool with sleeping function - Brown - Leather

    As shown HK$8,383.00

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    Sofa beds - Stockholm sofa bed - Grey - Fabric

    As shown HK$22,260.00

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    Sofa beds - Stockholm sofa bed - Black - Leather

    As shown HK$31,365.00