A world community

Bound by a shared love for home design, BoConcept interior designers are part of a community spanning consultant from 65 countries across the globe. The interior designer in your local store in this way are able to draw on experience from native Scandinavians when creating your new Nordic look. Or talk with the interior designers in New York for input to your cosmopolitan apartment look. From China to Chile. From Norway to New Zealand, great design is global and we strive to bring the best of the world together in your curated selection.

Meet a few of the BoConcept interior designers from around the world here and get their input on current trends in their home cities.

Interior designer in Portugal

Lucia, Interior Designer for BoConcept in Portugal

“I am based in Lisbon and work as both Store Manager and Interior Designer. I’ve been working at BoConcept for nearly 20 years. Lisbon is my favourite city. It has 7 hills, a castle, all-year sun, countryside, the river, sea, stunning beaches, and now Madonna!

The first design I bought was the Indivi 3-seater sofa. Now 18 years later, and with two restless children jumping on it, the sofa is still strong and beautiful. It’s part of the family. Personal experiences like that help me create trust between with the client, and to offer interior designs that I truly believe in. I enjoy my work and want nothing more than to give my clients a home they can be proud of, but also one that works for the way they live their lives. My new favourite design is the Amsterdam sofa. It is beautiful and wonderfully soft.”

Interior designer in London

Can, Interior Designer for BoConcept in London

“I used to work for BoConcept in my home country. I really liked the brand, so when I came to London to get my Master's Degree in Interior Design, it made perfect sense to continue my career in BoConcept Tottenham Court Road. In London, we are seeing more colour and texture, especially deep and dark blues, natural greens and dusty pinks. Velvet is still really on trend right now. It gives richness and warmth to interiors.
I really like the Madrid coffee table as it is very versatile and customisable to all needs, and each combination has very dynamic and sleek look.
What do I like most about my job? I love helping people to design their home, and create unique and perfect results, which, combined with functionality, deliver a timeless aesthetic.”

Interior designer in Hong Kong

Sunnie, Interior Designer for BoConcept in Hong Kong

“I’ve always had love for pursuing a high quality of life. Taking time to examine the way you live, prioritising the important things, and making decisions that put them into focus. As an interior designer, my clients let me do the same for them. I help them improve their work and living environments to best match the way they live. It’s a real honour.

The Lucca chair is one of my favourite designs this year. It has a real mid-century modern feel about it, especially with the veneer side panels. My clients tend to want a mixture of different styles, like pairing very clean, Scandinavian designs with bolder colours and expressive collectibles.

In the beginning, most of them aren’t sure of the specifics. But after consultations in their home or the store, we create something that feels right for them. I really enjoy the process of building up a complete design from the starting point of a simple conversation. It’s so satisfying to see the client’s joy. It’s the reason I do what I do.”

Interior designer in Philadelphia

Jill, Interior Designer for BoConcept in Philadelphia

“I have a Bachelor in Science degree in Interior Design. I was passing by the BoConcept Philadelphia showroom, during my senior year of college, and was drawn in by the beautiful designs. I asked for an interview and have been working for BoConcept ever since – now over 12 years!
Green is very popular here. Whether evoking the calming feeling of nature with rich velvets and leathers, or adding a touch of the outdoors indoors with a clean vase, green in in! I love how the Basel side table brings the raw, natural elements of its sliced tree trunk into contemporary interior spaces. Nothing’s better than creating spaces that my clients are proud of and want to spend time in with loved ones. I believe a well-designed home can truly improve your quality of life.”

Interior designer in Uruguay

Augustina, Interior Designer for BoConcept in Uruguay

“I started working for BoConcept two years ago. I love my job and enjoy visiting clients in their homes. I get to enter their world, to see how they live and help them create their most beautiful and comfortable space.

The Scandinavian look is very popular here in Uruguay. A lot of my clients want light woods, pastel colours and candles. Spaces that are cozy and relaxed, but with a real sense of design. My favourite design right now is the Adelaide chair. I love the aesthetic and its comfort. It’s perfect.”

Interior designer in Spain

Morella, Interior Designer for BoConcept in Spain

"From day #1, I felt a connection to BoConcept furniture. It reminded me of home with my parents and siblings when I was a child. My parents had a special appreciation for Danish style, and owned many sofas and pieces from the 60s and 70s.
Here in Spain, more and more young growing families, couples and professionals enjoy the Scandinavian way, minimalist, simple and functional, with a unique character, elegance, quality materials and excellent finishing. My favourite design has to be the Cenova Sofa. It’s comfortable, gathers family and friends, it is relaxed and defines the space with its volume.

I love my job! I get to communicate with wonderful people, and together, we arrange and set their ideal space and put a smile on their face.”

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