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Infusing Your Space with Personality

Whether it means adding a few key accessories or sprucing up the walls, infusing your space with personality is quicker and easier than you may think. A personal home will not only help you embody the feeling of inspiration and relaxation—it will also encourage your lifestyle. So, whether you aim for a cozy home or a social haven, these quick fixes will get you one step closer to your goals. And remember – our interior stylists are always ready to help you in your process.

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Tell Your Story

If you want your space to feel as unique as you, then consider displaying a great piece that tells your story. Photographs are always a classic but think outside the box. Maybe you have a collection of maps from your travels that would look great framed. Or that heirloom pocket watch hidden in a drawer? It would look amazing displayed in a shadow box. Not only will pieces like this remind you of your journey, but they will add authenticity and unexpected flair to your decor.

Be Sense-ible

When analyzing any space, think of how it appeals to all your senses. Specifically, what do you see, hear, smell, feel, and how can you enhance this experience? A vase of fresh cut blooms will not only fill a room with a sweet aroma, but they can also add a splash of colour. And that large sofa? With one plush throw it can feel much more inviting. If you tend to all your senses, you will find that the aesthetic that follows will naturally infuse the space with personality.

Dusty rose Osaka sofa in cosy living room settings
Carmo sofa

Rethink Your Glue

Accessories are the glue of your interior design, not the cherry on top. Think of what you want from your accessories, not just visually but practically. If you want to expand the feel of a room, a large mirror is always up to the task. Will you lie on those cushions? Then maybe sequins aren’t the right choice. Accessories should be one of your greatest allies, so be sure to browse our accessories collection to find the perfect glue for your space.

Find Your Zest for Life

The best way to add life and energy into a room is to literally, add life. Potted plants with their lush leaves and colourful blooms are a simple solution that will instantaneously shift the vibe in any space. Plus, with many varieties feature air filtering capabilities, your decor won’t be the only one reaping the benefits!

Dried flowers

Make the right choices

So, how do you choose what to add, change, subtract? Ask yourself this: What do you want to get from your space and how do you want it to make you and others feel? Remember, your intuition knows best when it comes to adding personality and by using these quick fixes as a guide, you can create the oasis of inspired living that you truly deserve.

Still need a nudge in the right direction? Our interior design service is always around to lend a hand!

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