Eternity Flower

Suspended in mid-air like a pastoral pendant, artful bundles of dried flowers have been making their way to Instagram- and Pinterest-friendly table settings on some of the biggest stages of the world. This season it’s time to introduce it to your home and wow your guests with this spectacular floating centrepiece.

It’s as simple as building layers of flowers (we used smoke tree, but you can use pampas, hay etc.) on a chicken wire. Check out the video below for guidance on creating your own embellished cloud display.

Setting the table

Your dining table is often a focal point for big parties and small gatherings alike. So experiment and make yours extra special. Here we show you how you can make your table ready for the season.

Table setting inspiration for Christmas

Making an eternity flower

Infuse your space with personality

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The perfect gift

The perfect gift is personal – also in its wrapping. Here we present you a guide on this year’s top gift choices along with ideas on how to add a personal touch to the gift wrapping.


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