The Amsterdam sofa

Flexibility, functionality and design combine in the Amsterdam sofa. Designed by Henrik Pedersen, this elegant yet welcoming modular sofa features sharp lines and sweeping curves. Finished with decorative stitching and tufted seat cushions, it provides the ultimate in comfort, offering superior seating support. Fully customizable to suit your interior design style, the Amsterdam sofa makes a timeless statement in your home.

Comfort meets luxury

Slim high legs

Crafted to suit any interior design style, the Amsterdam sofa is complete with slim high legs to contrast its voluminous form and ensure a contemporary expression.

Flexible cushions

Offering superior seating comfort, the back sofa cushions are loose and come with bolster pillows that allow you to create different seating depths and positions.

Elegant details

The Amsterdam sofa is finished with details such as piped seams and tufted seats to create an elegant yet inviting look.

Explore the look

The combination of the Amsterdam sofa's voluminous form, inviting look and sweeping curves make it an instant eye-catcher.

The Amsterdam sofa

Amsterdam with it's sharp lines and sweeping curves. Comfort and luxury imbue every detail to make Amsterdam the perfect sofa for a soft and inviting statement in your living room. With plenty of room for the entire family this corner sofa will be the hero of your living room.

Modern green Amsterdam sofa, coffee table, floor lamp, by panoramic windows with a water view.

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Meet the designer

Henrik Pedersen is the experienced designer behind many of our designs, counting armchairs, tables, sofas and lamps. Henrik Pedersen has always been inspired by seeing things up close. This is evident in the unexpected curves of his designs, like the iconic Imola chair, inspired by a tennis ball.

Designer Henrik Pedersen

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