The Bolzano Kollektion

Designed by Morten Georgsen, the Bolzano Kollektion is a curved furniture series that is all about cocooning comfort. Crafted with sculptural organic shapes, it’s complete with a curved front panel that gives a 360º curve all the way around the seat.

Explore the look

Embrace modern organic style and design a space that's both warm and welcoming with Bolzano.

The Bolzano Sofa

Crafted with a curved front panel that gives a 360° curve all the way around the seat, the Bolzano sofa is the epitome of modern elegance.

Couple sitting on the Bolzano sofa in brown Lazio fabric.

The Bolzano chaise longue

With a sculptural silhouette and curved design, the Bolzano chaise longue has a warm, welcoming look that invites you to stay all day.

Peaceful living space with the Bolzano chaise longue in light green Lazio fabric

The Bolzano armchair

A timeless expression with a cocooning feel, the Bolzano armchair combines soft organic shapes with clean minimalistic lines.

Quiet corner with the Bolzano armchair in beige Lazio fabric and the Eden footstool in sand Skagen fabric.

Endless possibilities

Made with the perfect foam to frame ratio for superior seating comfort.

Meet the designer

Morten Georgsen designs modern furniture with multiple functions. He has a talent for mixing materials and colours to create a dynamic, yet harmonious look. Morten Georgsen's designs reflect his passion for creating amazing functionality without ever compromising on beauty.

Desinger Morten Georgsen in black and white

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