A colourful living space featuring the Salamanca sofa and the Madrid coffee table.

Warranty terms

5-year warranty on all BoConcept products

At BoConcept, we develop beautiful designs from the best materials to ensure a high, enduring quality. That's why we offer a 5-year warranty on all our product designs – but of course we expect them to last even longer.

The warranty provided by BoConcept A/S is valid according to the terms and conditions set out in these warranty terms and is a very special extra service we offer in addition to the statutory warranty. The warranty therefore does not affect your mandatory rights under applicable law.

10-year warranty on sofa frames

At BoConcept, we craft our designs with strong, long-lasting and forward-thinking materials. On sofa frames we take this a step further to offer a 10-year warranty against production and construction defects.

A warm living space featuring the Salamanca sofa upholstered in brown Lazio fabric.

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