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For sharing stories and sparking conversation around great food, friends and family. Get up close and personal in our comfortable dining chairs designed to transform your living space.
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    Dining chairs - Aarhus chair - Black - Leather
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    At BoConcept, the marriage of form and function is in everything we do. Behind every detail is a story and a purpose to define and improve not only our homes, but our lives. From concept to final product, our renowned designers go through painstaking lengths to ensure unmatched attention to detail and high-quality standards through all of our products. The choice of materials, finishes and manufacturing processes all factor in to the look and feel of our dining chairs. And our designers go out of their way to deliver breath-taking collections that enhance your home.

    In search of a specific designer or look? Use our filters to narrow down the search for the ideal dining chair to fit your home. Get to know our talented team of designers and go behind the scenes to see what inspires and motivates them in their designing process for BoConcept.
    How do you create a dining room that matches the tone of your home? What colours, accessories and textures are right for you? When styling your home, you have to think big with your furniture, and that includes your dining chairs. Finding a match to the style of your dinner table is a matter of choosing a dining chair that caters to you and your home.

    Think in colours. The right palette of colours has the power to transform the look and feel of an entire room with even the slightest change. Getting the mood right is about finding and expressing your personal style – your dining chairs are a great place to start.

    Do not be afraid of blending textures and materials. Experiment with different finishes, fabrics and materials against your dinner table to find a blend that works for you. Sometimes the obvious choice might not be as obvious as you would think.

    Styling your dining room with dining chairs takes time. With BoConcept, your options of design, colours and upholstery allow you to discover a solution that satisfies your needs. Read more here, for a detailed guide on how to decorate your dining room with ease.
    The charming grace of natural patina is timeless, but daily wear and tear will take its toll on anything if not cared for. Taking care of your dining chairs ensures that colours, textures and materials are all kept at their absolute best. This means that your dining chairs will look and function as they did on day one, for many years to come.

    Keeping fabric upholstery on dining chairs looking fresh is a matter of preparing it for everyday use. Look out for harsh sunlight and chemicals while making sure to vacuum and protect with BoConcept Fabric Protector to keep your dining chairs looking brand new.

    The sophisticated luxe and character of leather upholstery is both beautiful and durable. Maintaining its appearance with yearly BoConcept Leather Protection Cream care moisturises and safeguards against colour fading.

    Protecting your dining chairs from natural wear is the best way to keeping their designs and fabrics looking forever beautiful. From simple tips and tricks to preventative textile protections, our guide is here to help you maintain your dining chairs.
    Your home, your style. Expressing yourself through how you choose to decorate your living space should be about finding what works for you. At BoConcept, Danish design has always been at the centre of our designing process. Nothing accidental, every one of our dining chairs merge comfort and function without compromising on great looks. In short, we want our dining chairs to inspire conversations, food and atmosphere. We call it the happiness of Hygge.

    Dining with Hygge brings together traditional Danish values of ‘Taking things slow’. In short, Hygge is all about ambience, great moods and most importantly, being comfortable. Read more on how to decorate your home for Hygge moments here if you, like us, love the idea of a Hygge inspired dining room.