Living room designs by Henrik Pedersen

Living room design

A veteran BoConcept collaborator, Henrik Pedersen graduated as a fashion designer but uses that background to explore the full range of design possibilities. He is famed for creating the iconic Imola armchair and the Adelaide line that has been extended to the living room.

Henrik Pedersen designs range from chairs, to sofas, to tables and lamps. Below we explore some of his most iconic living room furniture.

Amsterdam Sofa

The Amsterdam sofa is a rich blend of opposites. Henrik Pedersen juxtaposes the sofa’s voluminous cushion forms with slimline angular legs. Sharp, precise lines meet sweeping curves. And contemporary design gets mid-century detailing, with bolster cushions and piped seams.

The style is luxurious and architectural – with broad arm and backrests jutting over its exposed metal framework. The look is finished with loose cushions and minimal seat tufts – producing a sofa that is welcoming and elegant.

Amsterdam leather sofa
Adelaide armchair


Beautiful from all angles and with a great comfort, Adelaide is an elegant little masterpiece. Slim organic lines ensure a light and organic look that invites you to sit down and enjoy Danish design at its finest.

Imola design icon


Take a closer look. From the striking details to the graceful sweeps of its curves, the Imola armchair is a true design icon. Roomy enough for you to curl up in, yet so elegant it doesn’t seem over the top, the Imola armchair is an instant classic and ready to make a statement in your home.


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In this setting, our stylists have brought Danish designs together in a contemporary expression of refreshing minimalism inspired by a yearning for the basic and nostalgic. The palette of calming neutral tones is lifted with touches of the near-pastel hues in the combination of the brown cotton velvet Amsterdam sofa and the organic tones of the Como wall system, the Sevilla coffee table and the Retrospective rug.

Products in this room
Modular living room design

The Philadelphia coffee table

“A monolithic framework, a big and low platform, where arranging surfaces, form and function is your playground. The contrast between large dimensions, the thin frame and the multi-functionality is the signature of the design,” says Henrik Pedersen.

Philadelphia provides a statement, multi-faceted space for endless storage possibilities. It can be tailored to match your personality and lifestyles, as it comes in three frame colours and a range of table top material combinations.

Designer lamps

Demand lamps by Henrik Pedersen

Demand typifies Henrik’s innate ability to make minimalism warm and accessible. The collection of wall, table and floor lamps is characterised by slim-line angled pipework, which support calming metal shades. Ingenious simplicity is seen in the rubber loops used to adjust the wall lamp’s height setting. A satisfying detail is the mid-century-esque toggle switch atop each tiltable lamp shade. However, perhaps the standout detail is the floor lamp’s base, where the frame, set in an upright disc, is balanced elegantly by a V-shaped length of piping.

Danish design armchair

Charlotte armchair

Soft and inviting, Charlotte calls to the user like a warm embrace. Henrik employs an economy of lines, delivering a look that is contemporary yet timeless. “Charlotte is designed with an eye for the natural forms, clean lines and comfort. A small chair with a great personality, which will find a place in any room in the home,” says Henrik Pedersen.



The soft design, subtle details and curved shape make it look beautiful from every angle. The organic design by Henrik Pedersen is expressed in a beautifully crafted design that will work as an iconic piece in your living room.

The softly shaped, curved armrests add an elegant and inviting look to the sofa while ensuring comfortable seating and lounging.

The sofa comes with a tall leg design that emphasizes the soft and elegant expression and ensures a contemporary look even in classic room settings.

Big armchair design

Dublin armchair

Dublin offers a generous scale and comfort. A visual statement, the eye is drawn to the organic oversize back, which Henrik likens to a “pebble on the beach.” Dublin is handmade and features refined stitch details and folded seams.

Open sideboard storage

Rise table lamp

This lamp delivers elegance through simplicity. Part art piece, part lamp, the design’s cylindrical base houses a concealed LED. Light is angled up and diffused by a large disc. At more than half a meter in height, Rise is a statement piece that will complete a room and start conversations.

Hampton sofa

Hampton sofa

Inspired by the exciting skyline of New York City, the new Hampton sofa is the pinnacle of urban luxury. Its low base keeps it grounded while its innovative adjustable back cushions adapt to any situation and break up the lines, reflecting the dynamism of the city. Comfort is key. Much as the Hamptons in New York serve as an escape for busy city dwellers, the Hampton sofa is a relaxing oasis of calm in the modern home.

‘I wanted it to be a big, comfortable sofa without looking bulky,’ says designer Henrik Pedersen. ‘It’s solid, but it has real energy and visual impact.’


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