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Hygge Bedrooms: Creating a Cosy Escape

Imagine a slow, Sunday morning with breakfast in bed and a book to curl up with afterwards. That luxurious feeling of cosiness is at the heart of a Hygge bedroom. It’s a place to escape from your busy life into soothing privacy or intimacy with loved ones. When you enter a Hygge bedroom, you feel the space wrap around you like a warm hug on a cold night.

Sound good to you? Here’s how to create your very own Hygge sanctuary.

Soothing Colours

Before selecting furniture or accessories to create a Hygge space in your bedroom, choose a suitable colour scheme that appeals to you. Soothing greys, deep blues, creamy whites and pastels are known for their calming influence, inviting contemplation and complete relaxation.

As this is a place for your body, mind and soul to rest and luxuriate, give your eyes a break from stimulation by selecting just two to three colour combinations on a neutral backdrop. This might look like soft, white walls with grey upholstered furniture and a pastel tone for accessories.

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Hygge-Inspired Furniture

Hygge in your bedroom revolves around the bed, where you can sip hot chocolate, enjoy time with your partner and slip into a deep sleep, while cocooned in plush surrounds. The Lugano bed adds sophistication and tradition to relaxation, with a tufted headboard and clean wooden frame. For a modern look, the Gent bed promotes serenity, featuring a soft, oversized headboard and storage space beneath the wooden bed frame to reduce clutter.

For upholstery, consider lavish Lux Felt in greys and blues or soft, black leather. Incorporate cosy throws or cushions for texture, a hint of colour or a dash of decadence. Choose a feature design for nightstands, like the natural beauty of the Basel table that is sure to infuse your space impact.

The London bench is another item that sits beautifully at the foot of your bed, as a resting place for you and your books. Hygge-inspired furniture leaves plenty of space to breathe while adding to the overall sense of comfort and style in your bedroom.

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Mood Lighting and Accessories

For tranquil mornings, sunlight and a view to the outdoors help connect you, and your bedroom, to nature. Make the most of natural light by highlighting windows with reading books, or placing a desk or chair in a spot from which you’ll enjoy the view. By night, soft, warm light soothes you into a blissful state for Hygge. Floor and desk lamps throw light from a variety of angles, creating contrast, mystery and warmth. Naturally, candles are always appropriate for lighting your Hygge retreat.

A personal touch is also an element of Hygge that brings happiness, by evoking memories or artistic expression. Create simple, uncluttered displays with photo frames, travel treasures, books or sculptures. Alternatively, a vase filled with your favourite flowers might be all that’s required, on a side table or window ledge.

If you have wooden floorboards, a plush rug adds instant warmth, colour and texture. When you run your eyes over the room, ask yourself how you might maintain simplicity and peaceful space, while contributing to comfort and warmth. Whatever speaks to you of serenity, indulgence and intimacy, belongs in your Hygge sanctuary.

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