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Choosing Furniture that Stands the Test of Time

From overly wallpapered rooms that make you dizzy with pattern to wall-to-wall carpeted bathrooms, there are more than enough interior design trends that we hope stay in the past. We’ve seen lots of trends come and go, and while some are worse than others they all have one thing in common. When trends fade out, they leave once fashionable interiors looking stale and outdated.

Thankfully, if you want to make sure your home decor is always on point, there is one simple way to safeguard against trend slump—select the right furniture. If it sounds complicated, we promise it isn’t! Consider these 5 tips for choosing timeless furniture for your home.

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1. Select Durable Materials

When buying furniture, choosing the best material will go a long way. While particleboard and plastic furniture is widely available and can save you a few bucks, the finish on these pieces are prone to chipping, scratching, bubbling, and peeling over time. So even if you find these pieces in a timeless style, chances are they won’t last.

Instead, consider looking to furniture that uses material that has proven to be durable and timeless. This may include: - Solid wood - Wood veneers - Glass - Ceramic - Metal - Leather Not only can these materials withstand everyday use, but materials like solid wood and leather only get better with age. While they inevitably get some wear and tear, their small imperfections lend them more character—making your decor all the more unique! Plus, long-lasting materials are more environmentally-friendly. Quality furniture can last decades, while cheaply made furniture is commonly destined for the landfill after a few years of use.

Want to make sure your furniture lasts as long as possible? Learning how to maintain your furniture will extend its longevity.

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2. Look to Proven Timeless Styles

While Danish and Mid-Century Modern furniture hit their full stride mid-1900s, these pieces are still highly sought after. Why? Their simplicity allows them to meld well with a variety of decor styles. Think of them as a blank canvas to build upon. BoConcept has been making Danish furniture since 1952, so we are certainly no stranger to this style—and we can attest to its ongoing demand. Here are a few elements to look for in timeless pieces.

Uncluttered Aesthetic:

Clean lines and minimal embellishments. This ensures it doesn’t clash with any ornate decor in the room.

Gentle Curves:

Such as round table tops, arched chair arms, and organic shaped elements. This gives the design movement and makes sure it doesn’t feel rigid.

Neutral Tones:

Generally, neutral colours work best, like black, grey, white, and brown. Unless you plan on making it a statement piece.

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3. Encourage your Lifestyle

If a piece of furniture gets a lot of use, then it will naturally feel like it fits in your home and can quickly become a cornerstone.

Ask yourself this: What do I want to get out of a room? And how do I want to feel while in it?

For example, if you love to host friends and family, then a quality extendable dining table can be an excellent choice. Want to create a relaxing space? Pick a comfortable lounge chair like the Athena Recliner. Its soft flowing lines allow it to effortlessly blend with many decor styles, while its quality fabric ensures it will last.

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4. Make It Personal

Buying furniture based on your personal style is perhaps the easiest way to cultivate a timeless feel. If you a love a piece or it has sentimental value, it will infuse your space with personality—which is always timeless.

Reflect Your History:

Your grandmother’s old sofa may be plastered in outdated florals. But if it has good bones, new upholstery can breathe new life in it. Have a dresser from childhood that needs a little TLC? Fresh paint or a new finish may be all it needs. Not only is this approach environmentally-friendly and budget-conscious, but the memories attached to these pieces are irreplaceable.

Go Custom Made:

It may be a bit more of an investment, but by going custom made you will end up with a piece that is perfectly suited to your style—not just the latest trend.

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5. Seek Out Expert Advice

It can be hard to know what we will love a few decades down the road, in a couple of years, or let’s be honest, a few months from now. That’s why it never hurts to get a bit of expert advice when it comes to picking furniture that will stand the test of time.

An interior designer can offer tailored guidance on selecting furniture that not only fits your lifestyle and design vision, but pieces that will last through many home makeovers.

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Are Trends Bad?

Absolutely not! There is nothing wrong with embracing the latest trend if it speaks to you. In fact, timeless furniture isn’t a way to avoid trends—it’s a way to embrace them. Selecting furniture that can evolve with the comings and goings of the latest design crazes will ensure your home always feels fresh and inviting. Not to mention, not constantly changing your furniture out to match the latest style can save you some major money in the long run—and who doesn’t want that!

By incorporating timeless furniture in your home, you are creating a canvas to build any style upon. Whether that means an infusion of Art Deco, embracing contemporary, or a mix and match of styles you love, timeless furniture is a simple way to ensure your home always looks its best.

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