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How to Keep your Leather Upholstery Looking New

Leather upholstery is timeless yet symbolises contemporary luxury at its best. As a lifestyle choice, leather designs enhance the aesthetics of your home, bringing character and durable comfort for years to come. The question is, how do you keep it looking like new?

Don’t worry and relax in the knowledge that, with just a little care, leather remains soft, rich in colour and eternally luxe.

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Leather for Your Lifestyle

A wide variety of leathers in a collection allows you to choose the right one for your lifestyle. For example, if you have small children or indoor pets, a corrected leather such as BAHIA offers easy maintenance for heavy use. Choosing leather that incorporates into your life, while matching your design requirements, is the perfect place to start. However, no matter which one you choose, regular maintenance ensures your leather upholstery stays looking like new.

Careful Design Placement

When you carefully consider the placement of your leather designs at home, they’ll remain in excellent condition. Most importantly, keep designs away from prolonged, direct sunlight, to avoid fading or cracking. This occurs when leather dries out. Therefore, designs are best placed a metre away from fireplaces or wood burning stoves, and at least 30 cm from radiators or other heat sources.

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Easy Leather Protection

Stretching and creasing with time is one of the most captivating qualities of leather, adding unique character across the years. From the beginning, and throughout this natural process, we recommend treating leather designs with BoConcept Leather Protection Cream, two to four times a year. The formulation moisturises leather to guard against colour fading, while maintaining softness. This allows your design’s character to form beautifully, with its new appearance intact.

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Basic Cleaning Methods

Basic cleaning methods are all you need to keep your leather looking luxe. Carefully vacuum your design on a regular basis, using the soft brush nozzle on your vacuum cleaner. Dusting afterwards prevents wear and tear. To do so, soak a white, soft cloth in lukewarm water, wipe the surface and dry with a new cloth. With sofas or chairs you enjoy daily, it’s a good idea to use BoConcept Leather Cleaner once or twice a year, to thoroughly clean your design.

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Treat Stains Gently

Though it’s tempting to scrub a stain after a spill on your cherished sofa, it’s best not to do so with leather. Instead, use a soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water to sponge gently from the outside of the stain to the centre. Keep sponging until the liquid or grime is absorbed, then wipe the surface dry with a clean cloth. Follow-up with treatments of BoConcept care products, for leather designs that look good as new.

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Forever beautiful

Explore more care guidance here and ensure that your furniture stays forever beautiful.


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Ready to make a choice?

Whether you choose a premium aniline leather, like the incredibly soft SIENNA, or an inviting, easy maintenance SALTO, leather designs are made to last. With a small amount of love and care, you’ll enjoy them long into the future, as much as you did on the very first day.

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