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Alrum. All room. A do it all room. The Danish term “Alrum” is used about a room that is at the heart of the home. In which different activities such as homework, playtime, hosting, eating etc. is taking place. In 2021, embracing the alrum has become a key aspect of home design.

Furnishing rooms that do it all is part of our Danish heritage. We pride us on our ability to design spaces and furniture that work as hard as you do. Below we give you tips and insights, helping you design the perfect alrum.

Camel leather dining chairs

Creating a Multipurpose space

Here are three ways to make your home ready to do it all.

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Taylor Sofa bed

Multifunctional furniture

As our homes are tasked to do it all, elegant designs that make the most of your space are more important than ever. Here, we show you 5 space saving designs that empower your home.

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Tailor storage systems to your room and make sure that everything is at hand without cluttering your space.

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