Accessories can excite the eye and inspire the imagination, add a pop of colour or a hint of mystery. Lamps, rugs, cushions, vases and more - sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference.
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All prices are recommended retail prices in EMIRATI DIRHAM (د.إ) and include VAT.
  • Activity offer
    Decoration - Unreal sculpture - Black - Plastic
    Unreal sculpture

    As shown د.إ 669,00

    د.إ 602,10

  • New product
    Furniture accessories - modesty panel for office desk - Grey - Plastic
    modesty panel for office desk

    From د.إ 999,00

    As shown د.إ 999,00

  • Decoration - Papaver rhoeas sculpture - Yellow - Plastic
    Papaver rhoeas sculpture

    As shown د.إ 189,00

  • Decoration - Sea lavender sculpture - Clear - Plastic
    Sea lavender sculpture

    As shown د.إ 199,00

  • Gallery - The hill glass art - Mixed colours - Glass
    The hill glass art

    As shown د.إ 1.859,00

  • Decoration - Skating Dog sculpture - Yellow - Plastic
    Skating Dog sculpture

    As shown د.إ 489,00

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  • Luna
  • Decoration - sculptura Belize coral - Plastic
    sculptura Belize coral

    As shown د.إ 259,00

  • Decoration - Magnolia sculpture - Clear - Plastic
    Magnolia sculpture

    As shown د.إ 199,00