Atsuko Katsuyama, Interior Designer at BoConcept Tokyo

Soft & round

Let the comfort of your home embrace you with round shapes, curvy details and soft textures. Soften the corners and angles of your home with smooth, round accessories and feminine, dusted colours. The ever so cool light grey colour melts together with warm pastels. The result will be a room that's calm and made to relax in.

Honest materials

Soft touch

Reach-out-and-touch textures like marble, felt, leather, concrete and fur enrich the senses. Apply them to organic shapes as in the round form of a concrete bowl or marble tray. The balance of feminine and masculine underscores a soft elegant mood in a room and creates visual excitement.

Let it welcome you

The Osaka sofa

The bestselling, ergonomically perfect Osaka sofa has been updated with curving armrests that invite you to sit down and let the sofa give you a hug. Designed by Anders Nørgaard, Osaka embodies the grace, ease and comfort that are so central to the coming season. This elegant two-seater is ideal for small spaces, but Osaka is fully modular so you can customise it to your own personal needs. Big or small.

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